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So I've had in my possession for some time an old dressmaker's pattern book that, I think, used to belong to someone in my grandmother's family. It's lost its cover and binding some time ago, so I don't know what year it is nor what the title/publisher is, but it is definitely old enough to be out of copyright.

About a decade back, I Xeroxed it and had it bound into a book for myself, but it does occur to me that there may be some people out there who might be interested in owning their own copy. It'd be a few weeks or months from now that I'd be able to start scanning (after the move, in other words!), but I'm toying with the idea of putting it up on so people could buy an ebook or print version of it. Of interest to historical costumers and possibly steampunks.

A couple of quick iPhone snaps of two pages (the first page and page 6) to give a brief idea of what's in it:

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So...a poll! There's no "no" option because if you're not interested in buying it, there's no point in you telling me that. :)

You can vote with LJ as your OpenID over on Dreamwidth.

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If I posted this historical pattern book on, would you buy it?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
1 (33.3%)

Very tempting!
1 (33.3%)

Only if the price is right
1 (33.3%)

If you might buy it, and each number from 1 to 20 is a U.S. dollar value, what is the top amount you'd pay for an ebook version of this book?

Mean: 11.67 Median: 10 Std. Dev 6.24
10 (0.0%)
20 (0.0%)
30 (0.0%)
40 (0.0%)
51 (33.3%)
60 (0.0%)
70 (0.0%)
80 (0.0%)
90 (0.0%)
101 (33.3%)
110 (0.0%)
120 (0.0%)
130 (0.0%)
140 (0.0%)
150 (0.0%)
160 (0.0%)
170 (0.0%)
180 (0.0%)
190 (0.0%)
201 (33.3%)

If you might buy it, and each number from 5 to 35 is a U.S. dollar value, what is the top amount you'd pay for a print version of this book? (Poll scales only allow 21 options-feel free to round up or down)

Mean: 22.33 Median: 21 Std. Dev 1.89
50 (0.0%)
70 (0.0%)
90 (0.0%)
110 (0.0%)
130 (0.0%)
150 (0.0%)
170 (0.0%)
190 (0.0%)
212 (66.7%)
230 (0.0%)
251 (33.3%)
270 (0.0%)
290 (0.0%)
310 (0.0%)
330 (0.0%)
350 (0.0%)

Tell me something that made you happy recently!


Apr. 7th, 2010 09:59 am
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This would be too much steampunk for me to live in, but I'm glad something like this exists. (It would be an awesome B&B - I'd totally stay there.) Found via Lovely Listing.
telophase: (Koumyou - hee) come up with ways to bash up a Photoshop library website that looks like it's customized for a specific person, I'm poking at the steampunk generator. It *still* produces more stories I want to read than any other generator I've done.

The text starts as a caring mentor encounters da Vinci-inspired technology while in the Congo. The overall narrative is a comedy of errors.

This narrative contains liege/lord dynamics. It starts in a museum with an androgynous boy. The antagonist is a Briton and the plot involves elements like the line of a man's jaw and a fountain in a deserted plaza.

This story begins as it ends, with a kick-ass woman. In a factory for producing automata, a cold and deadly courtesan and an androgynous boy struggle against the odds and encounter pistons, references to the Classics, and a coward who finds courage who has black leather gloves. The text features navy/pirate conflicts.

It begins with a carny in the dark. This person meets a gentlewoman scholar and together they encounter a duel of wits and swords and obedience. The story winds up in a post office and features tobacco. The overall narrative is about what happens after the revolution.

And one especially for [ profile] yhlee:

A team of explorers consisting of a curate, a crazy tinker, an Australian, a resourceful sidekick, and a rebel discover an artifact from a brothel. Complications ensue involving rescuing someone from a cruel family, isolation, and a siege engine.
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Over on the Tor blogs, Irene Gallo posted about the CGArtists' forum current contest - Steampunk Myths and Legends. There are lots of Greek and roman legends illustrated, as well as the Norse pantheon, the Tooth Fairy, and several versions of Don Quixote and the Flying Dutchman. When I ran across a steampunk version of Hanuman, however, I remembered [ profile] oyceter once mentioning that she liked steampunk, but it tended to be so Western-centric she felt a bit left out.

So I went through a lot of pages and pulled out entries dealing with non-Western European myths and legends, listed below, placed with no judgment as to style or how good they are. :D I've only gone through some of them - there are over 1900 entries right now, and may be more coming as the contest is not yet ended. If anyone else wants to take up the gauntlet, please do.

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Aug. 13th, 2008 06:19 pm
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I think I may actually be done with this picture! Woo!

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Almost done.

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I am so ready for this picture to be over with. It'll be a while yet.

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...I've moved the arm to rest on the railing.

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