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Non-Western steampunk images

Over on the Tor blogs, Irene Gallo posted about the CGArtists' forum current contest - Steampunk Myths and Legends. There are lots of Greek and roman legends illustrated, as well as the Norse pantheon, the Tooth Fairy, and several versions of Don Quixote and the Flying Dutchman. When I ran across a steampunk version of Hanuman, however, I remembered [ profile] oyceter once mentioning that she liked steampunk, but it tended to be so Western-centric she felt a bit left out.

So I went through a lot of pages and pulled out entries dealing with non-Western European myths and legends, listed below, placed with no judgment as to style or how good they are. :D I've only gone through some of them - there are over 1900 entries right now, and may be more coming as the contest is not yet ended. If anyone else wants to take up the gauntlet, please do.

Note on the artists' names: I copied them exactly as they appeared in my browser. Some characters aren't rendered correctly, but rather than venture a guess as to what they are, I copied the incorrect symbols in the hopes that someone else can see the correct ones and tell me what they are. :)

Steampunk Myths and Legends

Official Challenge page

(WIP = Work In Progress - unfinished, but the contest is not yet over so it may be updated.)

indranil sen Kalki - WIP. Video entry - designs and stills. In Hindu mythology, Kalki is the final avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Mouhannad Qasemi BORN - Image entry. The military commander Iyase n'Ode, who has the power to turn himself into an elephant, rebels against the oba of Benin.

Iban Egaña The return of Genghis Khan - Image entry.

Megan Smiley Aladdin's Djinn - Image entry.

Leung Yu Ching Journey to the West - WIP image entry.

endro Yuono SSn. The Bharatayuda War - Image entry. Illustrating a scene from the Mahabharata: The Sacrifice of Ghatotkacha.

pairoj pongleadnadda Hanuman watches a city - Image entry.

Tom Svoboda The Golem - Image entry. Yeah, technically Western European, but anyway...

Hamid Ibrahim The Rannamaari - Image entry. Myth from the Maldives.

Chayanin On-ma Untitled - Image entry. Phrakanesh protecting his mother, from Hindu mythology.

vichar Ravana fight with jayatu - Image entry. Scene from the Ramayana.

Thomas Garella Steam Shiva on Mount Kailash - Image entry.

Sean Young Kupe and Te Wheke o Muturangi - Image entry. Maori legend.

Shân Fischer Clockwork vs Steam - Image entry. VIctory of Sundiata Keita, Lion of the Mandinka people of Mali, over the usurper Suomaoro.

subi prakash Myths and Legends - Image entry. Scene from the Mahabharata.

Darren Quah Home Coming - Image entry. The Monkey King returns from his journey to the West with the secrets of steampunk tech.

Nikolai Dunkel The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Image entry.

Bryce Smith Untitled - WIP image entry. Crazy Horse, the Lakota.

Antonio Luciano Hern?ndez Padilla Piramide Steampunk - Image entry. Mexican pyramid, steampunk style.

laboune kevin The Legend of Man Coco - Image entry. A Guadeloupean legend.

eren eryurekli Ergenekon - Image entry. Turkish legend.

Mohammed Abourabe the greed scientist - Image entry. Enslaved to Aladdin's lamp.

Leon Chu Master Cook and the Food Factory - Image entry. Based on an Asian (Chinese?) myth of a great master chef.

Arnurag Bartare Great Arjun afterwar - Image entry.

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe Hidesato fights the Steam-Centipede - Image entry.

Surachart yamkuntong Tosakanth - Image entry. Based on the Ramakien myth from Thailand.

Ram singh Kaurwaki - Image entry. From the Indian legend of Ashoka.

Andreas Normand Grontved Brahma - Image entry.

Sandeson Gonzaga Monkey King (Journey to the West) - Image entry.

Yap Kun Rong Steampunk - Lagend of Yamato - Image entry.

Jason Queen Monkey King Steampunk - Image entry.

Pramod Yadav steam hanuman - Image entry.

Louis Lugas Wicksono Garuda vs Kadru - Image entry.

yuyang Treasure of True Love - Image entry. Chinese legend.

Frederik Plucinski Ganesha - Lord of Success - Image entry.

William Charles Chamberlin Kokopelli the Steam Dancer - Image entry.

Jack Zhang the Two Mighty Kings - The Monkey King meets King Kong.

rajat pandit jishnu - Image entry.

Robin Olausson Hachiman - Image entry. Shinto god of war.

peter ang The Legend of Shibushi - Image entry. Filipino legend.

Monsit Jangariyawong thunder and wind! - Fujin and Raijin, the Japanese gods of thunder and wind.

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Thanks! Some really cool stuff up there.

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There's probably more cool stuff in there that I overlooked or didn't get to, although I think they're arranged in order of most recent update, which means that the ones people are working on and uploading WIPs are near the beginning, and the ones people gave up on (or finished early) are the ones I haven't gotten to.

What's hard is deciding whether some of them belonged here. Gilgamesh. Yeah, Middle Eastern, but more a part of Western Civ than a lot of the others listed here. Manticore - based on Persian myth, but incorporated into Greek myth, I think. So they got included here or not depending on whim, rather than logic.
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Wow. Some of those are just amazing.

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I looooove it!
What a great project!

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May I please throw roses at your feet and tell you how you're my hero?
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Ooh, neat! Thanks for the links!
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Thank you so much for this.

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This is AWESOME, thank you!
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Hi! I got linked to this in comments to a post of mine where I'm compiling links of non-Eurocentric steampunk work available online and I thought I would add to the love! THANK YOU SO MUCH!