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Civilization V is out today.

So much for getting anything done this week.
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I'm reading Mega Whalen Turner's latest, A Conspiracy of Kings, right now, and since I've also been playing Civilization IV, I now have a particular segment sometime before the halfway point of the book pictured in my head with Civ IV graphics. I suspect those of you who have both read that part and played Civ IV will know what I mean.
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...when playing Civ IV:
Lincoln has adopted slavery!
For those of you going "Huh?" in Civilization IV, you play a civilization from early times to the 21st century, and you can play against the computer. Each of the civilizations has a few different leaders, one of the possible leaders of the Americas is Lincoln. And you can adopt different civics at different points in time: slavery, feudalism, Communism, etc.

For this particular game, Toby and I played a network game against 4 AI-run civilizations. Toby set the AI to pick both the civilizations AND the leaders randomly, which I didn't know you could do, so we ended up playing against Stalin of the Khmer, Lincoln of the Japanese, Roosevelt of the Native Americans, and Montezuma of the Germans. (Toby was Joao of the Vikings, and I picked a Chinese leader whose name I've forgotten and stuck with the Chinese.)

Unfortunately, we ran into problems with rampaging barbarians early on and lost valuable ground. I was slow to expand in the first place, and had to spend valuable time regaining two cities that I'd lost to barbarians, which means that Lincoln was able to expand too close to my borders and I couldn't expand very much. And the random world generator gave us a world of one giant continent with one tiny island *just* outside coastal waters, and I was too slow to gain Astronomy, so no colonizing for me (you need to gain Astronomy before you can build ocean-going vessels that can carry units like settlers).

And then before we called it quits, Stalin declared war on, like, everybody else. Toby built a ton of war elephants and sent them against Stalin, and I was focusing on sending espionage missions against Lincoln because he kept subverting my cities. I was dead last in the running but BY GOD I WANTED TIANJING BACK.
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(a) Because I'm an idiot.
(b) Because I installed Civ IV, like an idiot, which means I got sucked into it.
(c) Because I was posting my last springkink pic. (rated G, Grimmjow/Orihime in a pose with a noted lack of sexual tension.)
(d) All of the above.

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