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...a 1937 photo of the first woman in Washington DC to get a motorcycle license. Read the text of the article about her in the comments to see how she cussed out the policeman administering the test when he didn't want to give her the license.

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From a classroom full of kids in 1921. I think I like the kid all the way over to the left (click on Full View): he looks like an incorrigible troublemaker. XD
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Gospel Car from 1920. I think I love it. XD
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Via a childrens' party from 1922, in which not a single kid is having fun. XD
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One of the recent pics up on is from Takoma Park!
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Still lookin through This is an awesome photo, from the New York-Paris Auto Race of 1908. The race was 19K+ miles, from NY to San Francisco, by ship to Alaska, then to Siberia, and through Russia to Moscow. In 1908. As one of the commentors says: "I love this photo, the look on their faces and most of all, those awesome coats."

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