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...because you people KEEP POSTING STUFF!

Anyway, in the Enormous Gin Post of earlier today, [ profile] fmanalyst begged to differ with my interpretation of the villain of the Soul Society arc, and has posted an analysis.

Now to go read it...


Sep. 24th, 2007 11:27 am
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This was SUPPOSED to be a short answer to [ profile] chomiji's question below, originally asked here, but it turned into a huge, rambling essay looking at a particular type of character and why I like that type, so I'm posting it in a new entry. Hopefully it'll spur some discussion. :D my current default icon is so appropriate right now.

[ profile] chomiji: Why do people like Gin, anyway? He gives me the creeps ... always has, even before we found out what he was really like.

Good question - especially because he hits a whole lot of my narrative hot buttons. :D So I've been trying to work out, exactly, what it is about him* that I like. Read more... )
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I find it somewhat odd that when I write, I seem to do it better with a male viewpoint character than a female. The stories in my head often have female protagonists, but if I pin it down in writing*, or try to make it into something more than just a personal daydream/fantasy, it twists around to view the woman from the outside. I think it's because when it's internal and personal, I'm putting myself into her place, but when it's trying to become an external story with a character distinct from me, I have to distance myself from her.

Note that in the fragments of a dream thing, it ended up from the man's POV, even though the dream and the overall story in me head is from her POV. I didn't even notice that until I typed it out and re-read it.** It's going to be interesting if this thing grows, because so far from what I understand, it needs to be her story and her POV, and I know more about her than him.*** Hm.

* Which I technically rarely do; I actually write in my head far more than on paper. For "writing", maybe you should be reading "composing".

** It's also in present tense, which I hate reading, but which helps me when writing to quell the internal editor somehow. I don't pretend to understand why. If I incorporated it into a larger piece, I'd push it into past tense, most likely.

*** I know enough to know jsut the edges of why you should be disturbed, rather than charmed, by the off-balance stuff in that snippet. XD But I do like the way that conversation took on two levels of meaning, without me intending it to.

(I'm reading Jane Yolen's book of essays on writing, Take Joy, at the ref desk right now, which is why I'm maundering on about the creative process.)
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I think I need to go to bed earlier, mostly because it's in those moments between waking and sleeping that I get stories; the times when I'm lying there dozing, still sort of dreaming , or at least mulling my dreams in my head, but my conscious brain is just awake enough to direct them, or apply logic, or to fill in some gaps, but not awake enough to poke holes in it. That's where I've had the three dreams associated with the fragments of a dream post. If I go to bed earlier, I ought to be able to do that *and* have less sleep debt. (ETA: The problem here is that I'm also a night person - and my artistic side does its best work between 9 PM and 2 AM. Hrmph.)

I tend to wake up about 5:30ish, since I think the mild sedative effect of the Strattera I take at bedtime wears off about then. I don't mind too much - except when I'm running a big sleep debt - since that's the time when I can usually induce that dreamy-dozy state and sometimes come up with something. (Didn't happen this morning since my brain was preoccupied with other images, but I'm sure it'll happen again soon.) And then I shape it more in my head when I wake up more and am driving to work - obviously I can't pay full attention to the thing in my head as I'm driving, so I think the internal editor is less concerned with the words and story and more concerned with not dying in a fiery crash. That fragment was written in my head on the way to work, and then I posted it before I logged into my work email.

I'm also at a quandary point in that 'fragments of a dream' thing - I sort of want to post notes that I know about it - having an audience somehow makes me more likely to work on something - but I don't know if it'll survive it yet. :/
telophase: (Hiromasa - Uh...what?) quite fascinating. I just experienced two extremes being introduced to each other by a mutual friend. The first guy was a very very thin, very tall (I'm thinking well over 6 feet, maybe 6'10" or so), very young-faced (round cheeks, snub nose, dimples), black (that very dark, charcoal-tinted black that always reminds me of the East Africans I knew as a kid) student meet another one, who was much shorter (over a foot shorter), very stocky (not fat at all, but well-built, muscular, and stocky, and he's wearing a sleeveless athletics shirt so it makes me think 'wrestler'), with sandy brown spiky hair and glasses, and a much older face with a heavier jawline and brow ridge, and lightly-tanned white skin.

If I were an alien seeing these two as my only examples, I'd seriously be wondering by appearances if the hairless apes came in more than one species.

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