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...because you people KEEP POSTING STUFF!

Anyway, in the Enormous Gin Post of earlier today, [ profile] fmanalyst begged to differ with my interpretation of the villain of the Soul Society arc, and has posted an analysis.

Now to go read it...


Sep. 24th, 2007 11:27 am
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This was SUPPOSED to be a short answer to [ profile] chomiji's question below, originally asked here, but it turned into a huge, rambling essay looking at a particular type of character and why I like that type, so I'm posting it in a new entry. Hopefully it'll spur some discussion. :D my current default icon is so appropriate right now.

[ profile] chomiji: Why do people like Gin, anyway? He gives me the creeps ... always has, even before we found out what he was really like.

Good question - especially because he hits a whole lot of my narrative hot buttons. :D So I've been trying to work out, exactly, what it is about him* that I like. Read more... )

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