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For the first time I got more hits from my own posts (the cosplay one in [ profile] saiyuki, and yesterday's A-Kon pics) than any one blog posting the meme. :D The majority of traffic is still the meme, but I suspect the big hype is over unless it gets picked up by a well-known blog I'm holding out for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

I find it interesting that one blog described the scale as having "turned itself into a quiz," as if it did this all by itself. More sign that we perceive these things as viral in nature? :D
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I think I just slashdotted myself with the marital scale quiz. XD To some extent: it appears to be going up and down like a cheap metaphor right now, along with other things in my directory. (Hostees: as far as I can tell, your sites are unaffected.)
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The marital scale quiz is taking off 'round the net! Its biggest boost - over 1000 page loads - seems to have been when it went 'round the CFUD friendlsist, where people are taking it in character. XD My favorite quote, from someone who got a 46 on the wife test, is "...this would probably be lower, if I hadn't counted the Shinsengumi as a women's club."
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MindHacks links to an article about a marital rating chart from the 1930s. Note that only the Wife's Scale exists. The image reproduced from it shows only the first 12 of 50 Merits and Demerits, and I note that when I tally up the points from them for myself, I score an impressive -2.* It would be higher [ETA: lower, I mean], but I do not currently wear red nail polish and the only time I warm my cold feet on someone, it's because I'm doing the "See how cold I am?! TURN THE HEAT UP!" thing.**

I sort of want to find the full scale now, to see how I rate with the full test.

* I am assuming that if I wore hose with seams, they would always be crooked, because things just do that on me.

** Or revenging myself on someone who's stolen the blanket.

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