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Testing cut tags and crossposting, to see if I can avoid overwhelming your f-list with a kittyspam post later or, barring that, making the cuts look halfway decent in both places.

This is a Dreamwidth cut tag )

This is an LJ cut tag )

This is a DW cut tag containing an LJ cut tag )

ETA: Answer: both types of tags work on DW, neither work when crossposting. So the kittyspam posts get posted separately, to ensure the cut tags work both places.


Nov. 10th, 2008 11:55 am
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...can anyone who has a negative opinion of the new LJ profile page tell me why you don't like it? More than just "it's ugly" - why is it ugly? (Those of you who are tired of the furore can scroll on by.)

I accidentally ended up being one of the beta testers for the new profile. A few weeks ago I was changing something-or-other in my profile, noticed a checkbox that said "Beta-test the new profile page?" thought "Huh. I wonder what they're doing with it?" and checked the box. After that, alll profile pages appeared the new way to me, so I got used to it and forgot that most people didn't see it that way until my f-list erupted in OMGWTFLJ?! :)

Anyway, my opinion is: hey, the stats I'm interested in are at the top instead of at the bottom hidden behind a cut-tag and I like left-justified because I am BORING.
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Not that anyone really cares about my LJ layout, but I just changed it since the previous one kept having problems with something-or-other in random friends' entries making the page die - until the offending entry aged off the page, I couldn't read anything that anyone had posted after it.

Anyway. It's a new, very simple layout (which I like), featuring emogoth!Mello. "Cranky monkeydaddy," with its oblique reference to Sanzo, is now even less appropriate as an LJ title, so anyone who can think of any oblique reference suitable for Mello, let me know.

Okay! Now off to finish that thing that I'll hopefully be announcing somewhere around November that my friendslist already knows about, and then to color the other thing that I've been working on that's so far looking SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET and I hope I don't screw it up in the colors!

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