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Now that I've been through the doujinshi I bought at Yaoi-Con, it's time to sell the ones I don't want. :D So of course I'm posting it on a day when nobody's checking their LJ. XD I'll bump the post later.

Anyway, there's 3 I'm listing now. I might put a couple more up later. I keep wavering on some of the others - I think sure, I'll put 'em up, and then I spot something in the art that I want to study and ... *sigh* I think I may be the only person who doesnt' give a damn about the story; I'm addicted to good linework. :/

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[ profile] i_smile pointed out to me that we all now know something very special about Mogi and Aizawa from Death Note.

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Oh, man it takes so little to entertain me. Because I am twelve.
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... for the probably none teo or three of you that read my journal, are interested in manga analysis, and who don't follow [ profile] manga_talk. [ profile] sub_divided just posted a long-ass interesting essay about differences in Death Note between official translations from Viz and fan translations. And - yay! - doesn't get wanky about fan vs. official, instead focuses on how the changes affect the characterization and mood.
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Ide/Aizawa OTP!11!!
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Death Note Mad Lib time!

Pulled out from the comments in the DO SOMETHING CREATIVE FOR ME post, just to see what people will come up with. No serious spoilers if you already know of the existence of MELLO and NEAR.

Make a list of words, following these specifications, before clicking the cut tag.

_body part_
_verb, past tense_
_plural noun_
_verb, past tense_
_item of clothing_
_body part_

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More artspam, along the same lines of getting old B&W pieces and making them pencil versions.

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Aug. 21st, 2005 03:07 am
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Mello, refined pencils, ready for me to either render it in pencil or to ink it and ... whatever. I think I'll at least do it in pencil first to have a nice thing for the AnimeFest art show.

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Worked a bit more on refining Mello's face. Got a bit more of the crazy in there by making his eyes bigger and his irises smaller, but I don't think I can do more without giving him a big crazy grin and that just isn't working with the cross in his mouth.

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