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Getting the description down before I go look it up.

Ground bird--was sititng on a rock in our back yard, then ran off rather than fly off. Fairly large-robin or bluejay size, can't tell exactly. Mottled/spotted breast of dark spots on white, with the white picking up a reddish tinge as it goes down the abdomen. Beak like a jay, so it's an insect eater rather than a seed eater. Head smooth, no crest that I could see. Back and wings (when closed) dark brown. Tail points down like a jay, rather than up like a roadrunner.

Now off to look for the bird online and in my dad's old field guide.

ETA: No hard ID, but I'm inclined to a thrasher or a thrush.
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For this evening's walk, [personal profile] myrialux and I crossed the boulevard that separates our subdivision from the neighboring one and took a long walk all the way around the (paved) jogging trail that winds around a park. The park has a stream meandering trhough it that is dammed to create a large duck pond up at one end and a creek at the other end. The wildlife report includes two bunnies, two robins, a whole bunch of what I assume were purple martins circling purple martin houses, a bunch of other birds I couldn't see long enugh to identify, a school of small but very fast fish, and a snapping turtle!

[personal profile] myrialux got a couple of pics of the turtle. This is the one that came out.

turtle! )
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Our evening walk wildlife update: two bunnies and a toad. And a variety of small insects buzzing by our heads on their own business.

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