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Just got a call from the vet--Nefer's labs came back totally normal, so she has been cured! Woo! We took her and Sora in yesterday, and we were pretty sure the I-131 injection had worked, as she'd gained a chunk of weight when previously she'd been losing. (Sora had gained a pound, too, because we'd been free-feeding them for few months in an attempt to encourage Nefer to eat more. Once she went in for the injection we started scaling back on the food, so he should be losing slowly now.)

Anyway, here, have a picture of the cats to celebrate:

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The people on our north side sold their house and the new owners are moving in today. Although the house is on the side where we don't have any windows open, Sora is stressing over the noise. Every so often a truck drives up, and people walk around outside, and Sora hears it and growls and just in every way expresses that he Does Not Approve.

Or, at least, he was doing this all morning, in between bouts of soliciting Toby for catnip (something that occupies his brain for most of the day, every day). He fell asleep in a sunbeam about half an hour ago and has barely twitched an ear since then.
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Sora seems to be feeling better again. Last night, after I went to bed, he showed up and wanted to get under the covers with me, and snuggled and purred for a while before decamping to the heated cat bed. He spent the night there, and this morning went into the kitchen and chowed down on his food with gusto. I just went and found him (I had a migraine last night and am groggy from the meds, so working from home) sitting on the cat tree next to the window that looks out upon the bird feeder, and when I bent down next to him, he rubbed his head against mine and purred madly. So he seems to be much better.

He threw up yesterday afternoon, which he almost never does, before hiding himself away. We can only hope that he's gotten rid of the bug, whatever it is.

In other news, there's a new bird at the feeder! When I was messing with Sora, a black-capped chickadee flew up, perched on the feeder, took one look at me, and left. Black-capped chickadees were the most common bird at the feeder my parents had when I was growing up, and it's vaguley wigged me out that I hadn't ever seen any up here.
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Here he is, doing what he best loves to do in the morning: waking me up by sitting on my chest, purring, and placing his paws on my face.

Augh, Sora!

Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:57 pm
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Sora scared the fool out of us this weekend. The story does have a happy ending, as shown by the photo under the cut of him snoozing on my chest and purring madly as I was at the computer yesterday afternoon.

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Feb. 26th, 2014 09:42 am
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Sora is over the cold he had last week. We took the cats in to the vet yesterday for their annual checkup and vaccinations, which took a toll on Toby as Sora scratched the shit out of his hand when we were wrangling him into the carrier. We'd given him a kitty tranq an hour or so beforehand, but it hadn't made any difference. Sora was much calmer at the vet, and they suggested giving it to him 2 hours beforehand, as it takes longer with some cats.

Sora's got a heart murmur. :/ The vet says it can be caused by stress, and he was obviously very stressed, or by congestive heart failure, heartworms, or other things. If it's heart failure, that can be managed. The vet took blood and it's going for tests, so we should know in a few days if it's CFS or something else.

Anyway, Nefer's going to have to go in for a teeth cleaning at some point in the next few months, but that's about it for her. Her heart is perfectly fine (the vet let me listen to both Sora and Nefer's hearts with her stethoscope, so I could hear the difference).

Sora has been VERY LOVING and POSSESSIVE now after his TRAUMATIC DAY. He spent last night glued to me, and when Nefer jumped up on me in the wee hours of the morning, he chased her off the bed (not before she got some scritching, at least).
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Still sneezing. Still antisocial (somewhat), not wanting to be petted, but he did come and sleep on our bed last night, and ate breakfast this morning. He doesn't appear to be running a fever--his ears and nose aren't warmer than usual today nor last night.

Last night after I posted, he got up from my office and came into the media room, where Nefer and I were sitting on the couch. He sat on the back of the couch for a while, but didn't want me sticking my phone in his face to take a picture: proof! )


Feb. 17th, 2014 06:41 pm
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Sora isn't feeling too well, we think (I posted yesterday that he has a cold, and he's sneezing everywhere). Toby reported that Sora opened the closet door in the spare bedroom, slunk into there and curled up on the spare mattress pad we have on the floor (I have no idea why it's there), and stayed there all afternoon. Toby gave him a couple of Pill Pockets, and he ate those, so he's not off his feed too badly, and when I got hom, he let me scratch behind his ears and under his jaw.

He's still in the closet, but we've caught him slinking out a couple of times since I got home. He doesn't really want to be petted, so our best guess is that he just feels like shit and doesn't want attention, but he's feeling good enough to come out when everything is very quiet.

Our plan is to keep an eye on him and see how he's looking tomorrow morning, and decide whether or not to take him in to the vet then.

ETA; Shortly after I posted this, he crept into the room, then eventually jumped on top of my chair and started to come down onto my chest...then sneezed a bunch of times in a row and scared himself and jumped off. So I guess he's feeling a bit better?
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One of Sora's nemeses is the white shag rug in my office. He won't set foot on it willingly unless it's for very good reason, such as a bunch of catnip placed on it just out of his reach, and he remains unhappy about having to do so. (He won't set foot on bathmats, either. I don't know what he's got against fluffy flooring.)

Today--I'm working from home as I got crap for sleep and will keel over at some point and nap to stave off a migraine--I'm standing in my office looking for my grey sweatshirt to pull on as it's cold in the house, and Sora jumps onto the table next to me. I pick him up and give him a quick snuggle, then acting on impulse place him down on the floor, directly in the center of the white shag rug.

This deactivates the cat. At least for a short time. Sora remained frozen, looking around for escape, only to be confronted with an endless sea of white shag surrounding him. (Note that the rug is 4' x 6' so that at the worst, Sora is separated from laminate flooring by only 3 feet, and his shortest route to the floor is about 18".)

Sora begins backing up slowly, holding his right paw off the floor as if the rug were lava, and reverses off the rug, into Nefer, who is not impressed with this and croaks at him (Nefer has quite a repertoire of squeaks and croaks), but his terror of the rug is stronger than his terror of Nefer so he continues backing into her until all four paws are off the rug. At which point Sora cowers, shoots me a look of HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS I TRUSTED YOU and slinks out of the room.

He has only just now come back into my office, and is skulking about the edge of the rug fearfully in case it leaps up and devours him.

(Next time, I'll get this on video!)

ETA: If you read the blow-by-blow in the comments over on LJ, you can see Sora overcoming his fear due to catnip. And here is is, voluntarily sitting on the rug!
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Remember a year ago when Sora started having, ahem, inappropriate elimination problems that were diagnosed as crystals in his urine? They seem to have started up again. A couple of days ago, he was shut into the bathroom with me (those of you with cats will understand their desire to accompany you behind closed doors). At some point, he jumped into the (dry!) tub and peed on a dirty washrag. I didn't think much about it other than "weird cat" because he loves to jump in there and rub himself all over dirty washrags. But then last night we discovered a small pile of turds about a foot away from the food dispenser he uses most often, as if he was eating when he was overcome with an uncontrollable urge.

Luckily our weekend had been so packed with stuff that Toby and I had taken today off, so we called the vet and explained, and also explained that we didn't want to have to bring him in if we could possibly avoid it, because he was so terrified the last time. So our current treatment plan is to go back on the spiffy special prescription diet formulated for urinary problems for a while, and in 3 or 4 weeks, for us to sample his urine. This is going to involve shutting Sora up in a bathroom (away from Mama! O the humanity felinity!) with a plastic litter tray filled with aquarium gravel until he pees, at which point we grab a sample with a kit they've provided--a syringe to pick it up and a plastic tube in which to carry it. It can be refrigerated overnight, but needs to get back to the vet ASAP otherwise. (The gravel is so he can scratch, but it's not absorbent.)

Anyway. I NOTE that the Felidae dry food, which we'd been feeding them (wet food in the morning, dry food at night) changed their kibble shape! We think that they must also have changed the formula because we started the new bag, with the new kibble shape, last week and now this. So it's back to the grind of finding a food that the cats will eat. One of the vet-recommended foods was Halo, so we have a bag of that to try tonight. We fed Sora a kibble of that and he loved it enough that he followed us around squeaking, trying to get more of it. Nefer turned her nose up at a kibble, but did lick her lips, so there's that.

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