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Well, anyone in North Texas that is.

Part of the reason I've been scarce around here lately is that I've been occupied with a family of feral cats that took up residence in our back yard.

cut for kitten saga AND PICTURES )
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Skyped Nefer just now, and she actually acknowledged my presence briefly (or, more likely, looked over at the noise and movement) before returning to her bath.

She has manifested no superpowers yet from the radiation, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
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If you Skyped my radioactive cat today and wondered where she was, I solved the mystery! Skype her now!

(she took up residence on the chair beside the chair with the laptop. I turned the laptop to look at that chair just now. No telling where she'll sit tomorrow.)

eta: And now of course she's left the chair and has been wandering around the room yowling as loudly as possible.
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I just Skyped Nefer. She's sitting on the windowsill looking out, and turned around to look at the computer, then dismissed it and went back to looking out the windows. Cat's got priorities.
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Took Nefer in to the animal radiology clinic for her preliminary appointment to see if she's a good candidate for radioactive iodine therapy. Spoiler: she is. So I booked her appointment to go in on January 25th and I get to be without my kitty for ALMOST FIVE WHOLE DAYS, and then we bring her back home and lock her up in the spare bedroom for two weeks, with each of us only permitted 20 minutes of contact with her per day while the radioactivity dies down.

And then she pooped in the carrier on the way home. :/

Anyway, she's currently locked in the spare bedroom to keep her from gorging herself on food as per their post-anesthesia protocol (they sedated her so they could take X-rays and whatnot). The carrier is in the tub until I gather the fortitude necessary to deal with it.


Feb. 17th, 2014 06:41 pm
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Sora isn't feeling too well, we think (I posted yesterday that he has a cold, and he's sneezing everywhere). Toby reported that Sora opened the closet door in the spare bedroom, slunk into there and curled up on the spare mattress pad we have on the floor (I have no idea why it's there), and stayed there all afternoon. Toby gave him a couple of Pill Pockets, and he ate those, so he's not off his feed too badly, and when I got hom, he let me scratch behind his ears and under his jaw.

He's still in the closet, but we've caught him slinking out a couple of times since I got home. He doesn't really want to be petted, so our best guess is that he just feels like shit and doesn't want attention, but he's feeling good enough to come out when everything is very quiet.

Our plan is to keep an eye on him and see how he's looking tomorrow morning, and decide whether or not to take him in to the vet then.

ETA; Shortly after I posted this, he crept into the room, then eventually jumped on top of my chair and started to come down onto my chest...then sneezed a bunch of times in a row and scared himself and jumped off. So I guess he's feeling a bit better?
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Nefer likes olive oil! Last night Toby and I were cooking, and we had our mise en place* sitting out on the kitchen island, which included a small open metal condiment container** with a tablespoon of olive oil on it. Nefer jumped up on the island and started sniffing the stuff intently. We watched intently*** to see if she'd try to eat anything, assuming that the kielbasa was her target since she likes pork (and never gets it, as it makes her throw up).

Instead, when she got to the olive oil container, she sniffed very intently and started licking it! We laughed loudly, scaring her off the counter, tossed that oil and got more, then I went and googled for "cats and olive oil" to make sure she wasn't going to die. According to the internets, cats are OK with small amounts of olive oil, which may even help hairballs go through their system (SHE NEEDS THIS), as long as they don't get too much which, shall we say, greases things up a little too much.

I may give her a drop or two every so often now, if she likes it and if it'll keep her from tossing her cookies quite so much.

* "Mise en place" instead of "all our ingredients ready and waiting" because we're foodie snobs.

** Which I'd stolen from some chain restaurant a year or so back because I was annoyed that the server brought a large styrofoam takeout box but not the small takeout container for dipping sauce that I'd also asked for. Fine, be that way, I'll just take the damn metal one from the plate.

*** Instead of knocking her off, which would horrify my mom who has fought a losing battle against cats on countertops for years.
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Avengers: Thor discovers a meme.

Avengers: Also, the Pixar Avengers. (Found on Reddit, which claims credit is "Pixar Avengers Posted by J.m. Walter to Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page.")

Cat: Now, you may or may not remember the Evil Bag of Evil story, which tells the tale of how Sora managed to terrify himself by getting stuck in a paper bag. I didn't get video of that, but someone else online has managed to film their cat getting stuck in a plastic bag, and the results are similar enough to what happened when Sora got stuck in the Evil Bag of Evil (featuring the manic visage of Uncle Julio!) that I'm linking it here. It's in animated .gif format.
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Yup, I've got the official word that Sora will be included in the I Can Has Cheezburger? 2013 Wall Calendar: A LOLcat Kalendar! (I may have posted about that under f-lock - a pic of Sora I uploaded to the Cheezburger site with a caption by someone else got tapped for possible inclusion in the calendar a few months back. See icon for the picture.)

I have no idea what date he'll be, though!
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So we had several guests over yesterday for an RPG* (two of them spending the night. much to Sora's dismay). One of them was in the guest bathroom, which is a jack-and-jill type with two doors. We had forgotten to warn people that Sora might be hiding in the bathtub.

As our guest was standing there occupied, Sora leaps out from the tub and stares at him. Then Sora runs for one door to escape this horrifying person. It's, naturally, closed. He runs for the other door. It's, naturally, closed. Sora then proceeds to run laps around our guest's feet in mortal terror until he's finished and can open a door, whereupon Sora escapes into the master bedroom and crams himself as far as he can under our bed, not to poke out a whisker until midnight or so.

* yes, one of those old-fashioned tabletop games, as I find that every time I mention this nowadays everyone online assumes I mean an online one, while everyone offline assumed I mean a video game. :/

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