Apr. 25th, 2014

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The people on our north side sold their house and the new owners are moving in today. Although the house is on the side where we don't have any windows open, Sora is stressing over the noise. Every so often a truck drives up, and people walk around outside, and Sora hears it and growls and just in every way expresses that he Does Not Approve.

Or, at least, he was doing this all morning, in between bouts of soliciting Toby for catnip (something that occupies his brain for most of the day, every day). He fell asleep in a sunbeam about half an hour ago and has barely twitched an ear since then.
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I dragged our hammock stand onto the portion of the porch that's not covered, except by a tree, and lay out there reading stuff online.

I heard the house finches nearby and realized I had a cool experiment. I loaded allaboutbirds.org, and went to the Sound section of the house finch page, and started playing the various sound files.

It attracted the attention of a male house finch, who spent a while flitting about the branches just above me, repeating the sounds I played him.

Yes, reader: he shit on me. :)

Just landed on my leg and was very small, so no big problem, and I count that as a successful experiment in cross-species communication. I forgot that I had a video-enabled phone until the point where the nearby school let out and the added noise from traffic and kids drove all the birds away, but if they come back while I'm still out here, I'll try to catch a video of it. :)

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