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Guy builds an Amaterasu (from Okami) costume for his dog. Explains how to do it so it doesn't hurt the dog.
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BTW, even if you've never played Okami and never watched Mononoke, you cannot help but be impressed by the way this picture is made of awesome. (The significance of the circle being drawn is that in the game, you paint a circle in the sky to make the night go away and the sun come out.)

Okami OST

Oct. 13th, 2007 10:32 pm
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I just splurged on the Okami OST. Sure, its cost $40.25, but for that price you get five CDs. Or I could have got someone to download and burn it for me, but when purchasing, you get the awesomest CD art evar, as you can see if you go to this page of the Official Okami Thread of Awesome and scroll down about halfway plus it qualified for free worldwide shipping from
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I just pre-ordered the official English translation of the Okami artbook. :) Due out in about 6 weeks or so; I plan on completely forgetting about it so that it's an utter surprise whenever it arrives on my doorstep.

And it seems that Okami appeals to the artists - well, duh - because a search for "Okami" on DeviantArt brings up a remarkable array of fanart, most of which is decent and a fair proportion of which is pretty damn good.

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