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One more kinkfic prompt before I get back to art...

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May. 23rd, 2007 04:51 pm
telophase: (Koumyou - hee) playing with the kinkfic generator again.

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Your story is a romance between a knight and a priest. The lovers experience danger and rescue and being in heat while in a Western setting.

Totally Vash/Wolfwood.

ETA Your story is a romance between an assassin and a gentleman. The lovers experience crawling and homosexual panic while in an opium den.

Dude, I totally want to read that. Someone write it.

ETA2 The hero of this story is a historical setting who has prominent cheekbones.

Um. Fixed that.
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...placed in a separate post from the announcement so I don't have to scroll through the whole thing in every email notification to the previous post. :)

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I've again done what I threatened to do and come up with a Kinkfic Random Story Generator, based on [ profile] eliade's List o'Fandom Kinks (NSFW for text).

I pulled over 1400 elements from that list, and am mostly surprised, judging by the contents of the list as a whole, how comparatively innocent most of the prompts end up. The primary difference between this and the Cool Bits generator is that the kinkfic plot elements end up focused specifically on character interaction, instead of having a wider range.

I don't want suggestions for this one, because I spent way too much time on it already. Sorry. :) Feel free to add your own kinks to stories you pull from it.

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