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Via [personal profile] settiai, 2 alternate histories of Doctor Who:

If the Doctor had been played by women:

If the Doctor had been played by Americans:
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Someone's posting Doctor Who-themed posters around the Texas A&M campus. [ profile] sleary took a few pics, and asked on the Cepheid (A&M SF club) list if anyone's doing it, but nobody's fessed up yet.

you might want to Google that number before calling it ... just sayin'
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Doctor Who, season 5 ep 3.

cut for spoilers )
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The Children in Need Special: 7-minute film where Ten meets Five. On YouTube until the BBC notices.

The Master line had me ROFL. XD

Oh yes...

Sep. 12th, 2007 10:22 pm
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...I almost received confirmation that we live in the alternate universe from Doctor Who (recent) Season 2: I spotted Rose Tyler walking into the women's room at Narita Airport.

Mind you, she was a dead ringer for Rose - hair, fashion, colors, walk - but only from the back. When she came out again and I saw her face, it wasn't quite such a striking resemblance. Rachel saw her too, and agreed.

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