Jul. 16th, 2011

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If you're local-ish there's a great Groupon deal for my stylist today: $35 for $100 worth of hair services. :) YES I GOT MINE.
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And one more post this morning before we go find breakfast and then PACK ALL THE THINGS!

Went to get my hair cut yesterday, which is where I learned about the Groupon coming out today. It's been HOTTER THAN HELL here and I was tired of my hair gluing itself to my forehead in damp strings, so I told Anthony "Think Judi Dench!" He said "That's short!" I said "That's the idea!"

cut for pic )
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Gosh, don't you love those anonymous commenters? I got a drive-by anon comment on my long-ago Jack Frost/Hellsing comparison post that, honestly, is far more strident towards me than I was towards Jack Frost, even with my use of capslock.

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