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My hair! She is short! SHORT!

And one more post this morning before we go find breakfast and then PACK ALL THE THINGS!

Went to get my hair cut yesterday, which is where I learned about the Groupon coming out today. It's been HOTTER THAN HELL here and I was tired of my hair gluing itself to my forehead in damp strings, so I told Anthony "Think Judi Dench!" He said "That's short!" I said "That's the idea!"

Phone pic, so not of the best, and I assure you it looks* better IRL than in the pic.

* Or looked, I should say, because right at the moment as I type this, I am rocking some EPIC bedhead. I also made Toby laugh by showing him that I could make it into a fauxhawk. Which, let me assure you, it not a look that works for me. XD

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Very nice! :)
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Looks *awesome*!
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Looks good!

And short hair makes for awesome bedhead. It's amazing that there's a difference between bedhead and sticking up on purpose, but I'm finding that there is.

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I like that a lot! It reminds me of the cut Emma Watson got as soon as she was contractually allowed to put scissors anywhere near her hair. It suits you very well!

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Looks great!

I'm actually planning on getting my hair cut ultra-short for the first time ever in a few weeks (also using a Groupon-equivalent coupon, for that matter!), so seeing how awesome other people's hair looks is great for the last minute anxieties, I gotta say,

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Looks cute!

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I like it!