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StoryNexus, a game-creation platform built on the same engine (for want of a better word) that Echo Bazaar is, is now open. And they commissioned a story-game from our very own [personal profile] yhlee that you can play now: Winterstrike: "A winter-locked city. Cold guns. Starship carcasses. And now, you."

I was one of the playtesters for it, so I can tell you it's good.

(Also, as a bonus: you no longer need to have a Twitter or Facebook account to play.)


Sep. 6th, 2011 09:33 am
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For you Echo Bazaar people, Failbetter has a new game out, in support of a forthcoming book, called Night Circus. You can go ahead and just sign up if you want to play, but I can also advance by inviting people, so drop a note here with your Twitter name (or email it to me at telophase14 at gmail) if you'd like an invite (or just play if you want). :)
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I think I would be less frustrated with the storylines in Echo Bazaar like the duelling one or the thieving one, which requires you to build up a quality in order to choose between a number of other storylets, if the storylet that allowed you to build up that quality was placed at the TOP of the list and didn't require me to scroll down, down, down to get to it. My RSI-afflicted wrists protest!
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...on Echo Bazaar who have outstanding invites to me about Laying Fears to Rest: right now I'm working on Nightmare cards, and maintaining my Nightmare stats over 5 because some cards don't show up unless they're over 5, hence me being veeeery careful about accepting Nightmare-inducing invites. Because if I hit 8 and end up playing through all that stuff, then I lose all my hard-won NIghtmare stats. :)

If you're willing to leave the invite there, I'll get to them when I've finished doing this, but it might be a few days.


May. 25th, 2010 03:30 pm
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So, does anyone else see "Telophase" in the two comments made last Friday here, or is it one of those "pick up your LJ name if you're logged in" scripts?

(Mostly because I just found this while Googling around about the Game of Knife and Candle in Echo Bazaar, and the coincidence is a bit odd. And now I'm wondering what Google Alert brought him there, and if he just accidentally clicked the wrong one? If that's the case, anyone making it here: while non-LJ journals can't comment on the LJ post, the Dreamwidth post takes OpenIDs and my contact info is on my profile page in both places. :D)
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If any of you has a Persuasive or Shadowy of at least 70 and are willing to do a little breaking and entering for me, I may have need of a little! (My Ambition requires I collect 77 First City coins and there are several ways I can do so, including commissioning another player to rob a museum for me. :D)
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You've annoyed Jack-of-Smiles once too often! The knife-wielding maniac has carved a swathe through your friends and acquaintances. Some are en route to the Tomb-Colonies. Several others are recovering, but the experience of being repeatedly murdered has caused them to snub you quite rudely.
Hee! I wanted to know what happened when I got Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles to 3. And now I know: a bunch of your Connected qualities drop. :)
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The promise has been kept. Your neighbour's wallpaper may never be the same again and it will be weeks before she invites guests for dinner, but the rats are gone. A tiny bullet-hole in your hat is the only mark upon you or your conscience.
...Yup. Still playing Echo Bazaar. :)
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If you issue an invitation to me for the purpose of laying nightmares to rest, and I don't take it up for a couple of days, it's because I'm fighting to keep my own nightmares down. :) I suspect everyone playing EB does the same thing and understands without me saying anything, but I feel vaguely like I ought to reassure people about that.

In other news. head mostly better today, but I'm still slow and tired and sleepy and perhaps not much good for anything today.
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Following [personal profile] yhlee's lead. Probably not interesting to anyone but me. :)

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