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Evil Girlfriend Media has made their anthologies and novels free until Friday on Amazon. (Don't know if it's the same for non-US.) I backed their Women in Practical Armor Kickstarter, and this is a thank-you for exceeding their target.

eta: Free in Canada as well.
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Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher #1), by Kerry Greenwood, is currently free in the Amazon US Kindle store!

I discovered the price after reading [personal profile] meganbmoore's review of the Mrs. Bradley Mysteries TV series and being reminded of Greenwood's series. I'd wanted to try reading the series before, but the books weren't available in ebook format at the time and I've grown averse to buying hard-copy books because I fail to finish so many, and they just pile up, and I'm already out of shelf space.* I checked to see if they were available yet, and ... paydirt!

Oh, and the other books in this series appear to be at very low prices, too, at the moment. I'll ahve to read CB first and grab them all if I like it.

ETA: Now with actual link included!

* A perennial condition no matter what, I admit.
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So I've had in my possession for some time an old dressmaker's pattern book that, I think, used to belong to someone in my grandmother's family. It's lost its cover and binding some time ago, so I don't know what year it is nor what the title/publisher is, but it is definitely old enough to be out of copyright.

About a decade back, I Xeroxed it and had it bound into a book for myself, but it does occur to me that there may be some people out there who might be interested in owning their own copy. It'd be a few weeks or months from now that I'd be able to start scanning (after the move, in other words!), but I'm toying with the idea of putting it up on so people could buy an ebook or print version of it. Of interest to historical costumers and possibly steampunks.

A couple of quick iPhone snaps of two pages (the first page and page 6) to give a brief idea of what's in it:

Read more... )

So...a poll! There's no "no" option because if you're not interested in buying it, there's no point in you telling me that. :)

You can vote with LJ as your OpenID over on Dreamwidth.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 4

If I posted this historical pattern book on, would you buy it?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
1 (33.3%)

Very tempting!
1 (33.3%)

Only if the price is right
1 (33.3%)

If you might buy it, and each number from 1 to 20 is a U.S. dollar value, what is the top amount you'd pay for an ebook version of this book?

Mean: 11.67 Median: 10 Std. Dev 6.24
10 (0.0%)
20 (0.0%)
30 (0.0%)
40 (0.0%)
51 (33.3%)
60 (0.0%)
70 (0.0%)
80 (0.0%)
90 (0.0%)
101 (33.3%)
110 (0.0%)
120 (0.0%)
130 (0.0%)
140 (0.0%)
150 (0.0%)
160 (0.0%)
170 (0.0%)
180 (0.0%)
190 (0.0%)
201 (33.3%)

If you might buy it, and each number from 5 to 35 is a U.S. dollar value, what is the top amount you'd pay for a print version of this book? (Poll scales only allow 21 options-feel free to round up or down)

Mean: 22.33 Median: 21 Std. Dev 1.89
50 (0.0%)
70 (0.0%)
90 (0.0%)
110 (0.0%)
130 (0.0%)
150 (0.0%)
170 (0.0%)
190 (0.0%)
212 (66.7%)
230 (0.0%)
251 (33.3%)
270 (0.0%)
290 (0.0%)
310 (0.0%)
330 (0.0%)
350 (0.0%)

Tell me something that made you happy recently!


Jun. 8th, 2011 10:19 am
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Georgette Heyer's Cotillion is free in the Kindle version for the moment. (Don't know if it's limited to the U.S.)
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John Scalzi has created an e-publishing Bingo card.

(There's one blog on my RSS reader that would tick most of the boxes there - I skim it because it also announces free and reduced-cost Amazon ebook, but the non-announcement posts drive me bonkers with their PUBLISHERS ARE RUNNING SCARED OF E-PUBBING!! rhetoric.)


Aug. 3rd, 2010 10:17 am
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There is now an ARC of Cryoburn, the latest Vorkosigan book, on my Kindle. Baen has the ebook (eARC?) for for sale here.

Naturally, today's the day that [ profile] myrialux is coming to pick me up for lunch, so I can't start reading it then. XD Although I suppose that's a good thing, as I would be distracted for the rest of the afternoon if I started it at lunch.

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