May. 18th, 2012

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Avengers: Thor discovers a meme.

Avengers: Also, the Pixar Avengers. (Found on Reddit, which claims credit is "Pixar Avengers Posted by J.m. Walter to Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page.")

Cat: Now, you may or may not remember the Evil Bag of Evil story, which tells the tale of how Sora managed to terrify himself by getting stuck in a paper bag. I didn't get video of that, but someone else online has managed to film their cat getting stuck in a plastic bag, and the results are similar enough to what happened when Sora got stuck in the Evil Bag of Evil (featuring the manic visage of Uncle Julio!) that I'm linking it here. It's in animated .gif format.
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"For me, gritty superhero adaptations can sometimes work, but gritty fairytales? Not so much. Just look at Russell Crowe's Robin Hood, which removed everything that was ever charming or appealing about Robin Hood and replaced it with endless footage of Russell Crowe glaring at mud. The greatest source of tension in that movie was me desperately waiting for Russell Crowe to take a bath because he clearly smelled so bad, but that never happened. Even when Cate Blanchett's servants poured him a bath he just splashed some of the water on his face and was like, "well, I guess that takes care of all the Saracen blood I've accrued over the past decade of war-mongering". HE NEVER DID TAKE THAT BATH, YOU GUYS."

There's lots of Avengers costume neepery there if you haven't been linked yet. I haven't read that yet as I'm planning on doling it out slowly over the course of the day as I need mini-breaks from work. I'm o a BIG FINAL PUSH to get this site the hell designed and NOTHING WILL GET IN MY WAY except you guys continuously posting interesting links to go look at for hours and houra I HATE YOU SOMETIMES YOU KNOW?

Also, I am logging out of email except for those said mini-breaks so that I don't get sucked into comment replies, so replies may be slow. :)
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All right, we've got a mystery here.

The known facts:

1) At lunch I went outside of the building, and as I was walking under the closest tree, I heard a loud bang somewhere above me, as of the sort of firework you can purchase from a fireworks stand before the 4th of July and New Year's. A tiny bit of shredded-up material drifted down, that I thought might be leaf bits from the tree above me, as the wind was blowing at the time. I also thought the bang might have to do with the soil sampling drilling they're doing around teh building today, in prep for construction (they have to go on the order of 50 feet down and ahve a truck that looks a bit like a mini-oil rig).

I looked around at the time, and saw no one acting in any way suspicious. Nobody was near me, ad nobody looked like they'd heard the bang.

2) About 2 hours later, after I come back from lunch and am working at my desk (still standing!) I happed to look down at my right sleeve and WTF?! there's two bright pink spots on it. I can see the fabric weave through it - it looks like they were hit by bleach or something similar. And there's holes starting to develop - the center of the spots looks weird, and as I touch them, the threads fray and part. There are two similar spots on the body of my shirt, a little farther down, one of which frays and the other doesn't.

3) I go to the bathroom to rinse off the spots, to sto the bleach or whatever it is from spreading, or at least fraying any more of my shirt and WHAT THE HELL THE PINK COMES OFF! I am now left with holes in my shirt with lighter blue spots surrounding them.

4) I went outside and poked around, but could find nothing - no firework paper, nothing that would signify anything caustic happened.

5) I don't think there's any marks on my arm under the sleeve spot. There was a faint round rd spot, but I've wiped it off Just In Case and poked and prodded my arm enough that it's all red now, so can't tell. :)



Does ANYONE have a clue what this could be?


And before anyone asks: I ahve reported it to my superiors who ahve asked me to call campus Risk Management and file a report, so there's a record of it, and to see if they can figure out what was going on.

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