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Okay. So I'm getting my hair cut at the salon I go to, which moved to a more ... not downtown, as it's still a mile or so south of downtown, but certainly a more hip, "up and coming" neighborhood, which is code for "the crack dealers are moving out and the trendy artists are moving in."

As part of the vibrant street life there's this raving street preacher who wanders in every single day right about 3:30, and since I always go at 3, he wanders through in the middle of my haircut (which means I have no real idea what he looks like, as my glasses are always off). He writes his own sermons. They're not very long, as he hand-writes them on printer paper or notebook paper in large handwriting. He reads the sermon off with no regard for punctuation, and if he's got an invitation to a prayer meeting at the end of it, he launches straight into that with no pause, which is a bit disconcerting.

The staff listen to him politely, say "Praise Jesus" if he says "Say Praise Jesus!" and then he leaves, leaving his handwritten sermon behind. I do not know if he writes a different sermon for every place he visits, or just copies the same one out by hand. Anthony, my stylist, keeps the sermons in a folder and claims he's going to put them into a coffee-table book, and give Preacher Guy, whose name I've forgotten, a copy, and keep one for the coffee table in the waiting area.

Today Anthony showed me what he terms the Scary Jesus sermon, which is one on which Preacher Guy drew a picture in ballpoint pen and pink highlighter. When he gave it to Anthony, Anthony said "So who's this bad guy?" pointing to the picture, whereupon Preacher Guy was slightly affronted and said "That's Jesus!"

And when I looked at Scary Jesus, I thought he bore a distinct resemblance to James May from Top Gear.

If you don't believe any of this story, I present you proof! Page 1 of the sermon, along with Scary Jesus and James May side-by-side:

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On the second day we had the guide in Wales, we mostly pootled around Brecon Beacons National Park, which was very beautiful. Our guide was a bit of a petrolhead (for you USers: car nut) and we admitted to liking Top Gear.

At one point when driving, he noted that the stretch of road we were driving down was often used for filming segments of Top Gear when they were testing out cars. Naturally, I took a photo of it. Does it look familiar?

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Oh wait - there's no way a regular view of TG would recognize it from that photo. Here, let me fix it for you:

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Now that oughta do it!

Top Gear

Dec. 6th, 2008 11:01 pm
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I've become addicted to the British show Top Gear, currently showing in the US on BBC America. It's a show about cars, but if I leave it at that, you'll get the wrong impression. See, I find most cars utterly boring and the thought of having to watch a show all about them mind-numbingly tedious. But Top Gear* takes the formula that makes the British shows I like, like QI, good, and applies it to cars: get a few funny, intelligent people together and turn them loose on a particular subject. On the subject of cars, in this case.

So you do have a few typical car-TV-show elements like driving tests and reviews of cars, most of which I tend to fast-forward through if I don't want to admire the cinematography.** And you also get things like a caravan*** race which turns into a demolition derby, the show's hosts having their mothers race around a track, going to places like Botswana or Florida, buying a cheap car and trying to make it across the country without it falling apart, or sending the three hosts on a caravan trip in an episode that really ought to have been titled Three Men in a Caravan (to say nothing of the Dog)****, which I just finished watching (while laughing hysterically and scaring the cat).

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.


* Or at least the current incarnation of Top Gear, according to Wikipedia.

** Which can be good. Or at least artsy.

*** Campers, or RVs, for us Yanks.

**** Fire was involved. No, really.

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