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Net connection at home still down. Tech scheduled to come by Wednesday, provided it doesn't spontaneously fix itself by then. Naturally, it happened right after I'd written out a giant To-Do list which mostly contained stuff I needed a net connection to do.

Overall report on Tokyo in Tulsa: sloooooooooooooooow. cut for longer report )
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Dear Oklahoma State Sales Tax People:

I do appreciate that you don't require vendors who are at a show in OK once a year to apply for a tax permit, and just allow them to calculate their taxes, give it to the promoter, and leave it at that.

However, I must take issue with your math skills, Oklahoma State Sales Tax People. When the sales tax rate is 8.517%, it is calculated by multiplying your sales total by .08517, not by multiplying your sales total by 8.517, as your form so helpfully and clearly states. I do not, in fact, owe several thousand dollars on my meager sales, but considerably less.

No love,
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Woke up out of a dream wherein I was a human married to a Klingon poet, and raising his dead brother's kids. I remember three scenes: (1) picking up a piece of paper with a few rejected lines scribble on it in Klingon and asking my husband why they didn't work (I didn't read Klingon), (2) taking one of the kids to buy a birthday cake for our mutual shared birthday and telling him to pick out our cake and tell me why I should like it, (3) grocery shopping with the entire family, and seeing my father-in-law pick out a pot of color, as he explained to me it was for an upcoming festival during which Klingons paint their ridges in various colors.

Way more domestic than you usually think of Klingons. I don't really expect the pater familias of a Klingon clan to go grocery shopping.

Anyway, I'm finishing up my decadent French toast room-service breakfast and then I'll check out, go back to the con, and commence with coloring the commission (I didn't color last night because the ink has to dry for at least half an hour so as not to smear with repeated application of marker to it. :D)
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Con very slow. Two reasons: (1) the economy, so all cons are slow this year. (2) the dealers' room and artist alley is over in the Conference Center, all the panels are over in the hotel, and to get from one to the other requires going up one floor to get to the parking garage, and then going down one floor to get to the skyway to the convention center. Hence people don't hang out in the AA or dealers' room between panels, and don't do impulse shopping.

Also, the AA and dealers' room are in the same space, so they both shut down at 7, so the AA people can't pick up sales and commissions by staying late, after the main programming. I have finally hit the break-even point, but probably won't be making much of a profit here this year. Will reserve judgement as to next year until later.

Had another very nice dinner in the hotel restaurant tonight, and got carrot cake to go. Of course the very nice young man who waited on me didn't pack any UTENSILS with it, so I am resorting to using two coffee stirrers like chopsticks to eat this because I don't want to go downstairs and badger them.

Now I have to get offline and finish a commission I picked up - I normally don't do them at cons, but the sales were so slow I threw up a commissions sign just to get some extra cash.
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Drove 5 hours to Tulsa today. Managed to find my hotel, no thanks to Google Maps who route you around downtown as if there weren't this GIANT NEW CONVENTION CENTER right on top of the streets they tell you to drive down. Was not expecting my hotel to be quite this nice, as I bid $50/night on Priceline and got it. :D I'm at the Crowne Plaza. After checking in, I went down to the (old) Convention Center where the con is being held, and checked in with no fuss. Stayed a couple of hours but between having found parking in a garage that was closing at 6:30 and being incredibly tired and hungry, I decided that cutting out early and heading for food and sleep was the better pat of valor, as if I ende dup with a migraine from lack of food and sleep, I wouldn't be able to sell on Saturday.

Sold 3 things right off the bat before I finished setting up, then ... nothing. Ah well. The person next to me said that last year, Friday was really busy, and it was very quiet today*. I suspect it's having the same problems as all cons are this year. We'll see how I do Sat and Sun - I'll decide later if I think it'll be worth coming back next year.

Just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Was expecting the hotel prices. Was not expecting the amazingly good food. I had chicken piccata, and it was the best-cooked chicken piccata I have ever had in my entire life. And while I paid almost $10 for a glass of wine, it came in a little carafe that held a bit closer to 2 glasses than 1.** So while I paid hotel prices for the meal, I ended up with fine-dining quality. I may have dinner tomorrow here - there was a skirt steak on the menu that I decided not to get for fear of it not being cooked correctly (it's tough if you don't get it right), but now I have a lot more confidence.

The exhibit hall with the dealers' room and artist alley opens tomorrow at 10, but we can get in at 9. My entire goal for tonight is to stay awake until 9PM, then crash. I may even indulge in breakfast tomorrow down in the restaurant. :D

* Except for the guy who drove a motorcycle around the exhibit hall. The inside of the exhibit hall. There was, inexplicably, some sort of motorcycle display on the other side.

* My Washington, DC and NY readers are now laughing at me for thinking $10/glass of wine and $20/entree is extremely expensive, :D It is, down here in the heartland!


May. 27th, 2009 09:57 am
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I now have the Priceline Negotiator tune stuck in my head, as I just got a hotel in Tulsa for Tokyo in Tulsa for less than half the going rate. :) A mile from the convention center as the car drives, but looks closer to .5-.75 mile from it as the crow flies. But even if I choose not to drag my AA stuff all over downtown and drive and park instead, it'll still be about half the price of staying at the con hotel, with the advantage of not being surrounded by screaming kids all night. :) (Plus the con hotel was sold out. XD)
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After a lot of thinking it over, I decided to forego Anime Expo this year (mostly the hassle involved in travel and shipping), and instead get a table at Tokyo in Tulsa the next weekend - smaller con, but it's local-ish and I don't have to ship stuff there and most importantly I DON'T HAVE TO GET ON AN AIRPLANE. :) So I just got the table. ([ profile] the_z, you decided if you're coming or not yet?)

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