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Apr. 13th, 2009 12:50 pm
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Drove to Anime Matsuri, getting to the hotel about 1:30. Discovered that all those ratty little cheapo anime congoers had already requested complimentary fridges in their rooms, so none for us, dooming us to be forced to eat good food for breakfast and lunch instead of our original plan of buying a loaf of bread, a head of lettuce, and lunch meat. :D Am slightly annoyed at hotel for not actually letting me know that said request could not be filled before getting up to the room and discovering no fridge.
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After a lot of thinking it over, I decided to forego Anime Expo this year (mostly the hassle involved in travel and shipping), and instead get a table at Tokyo in Tulsa the next weekend - smaller con, but it's local-ish and I don't have to ship stuff there and most importantly I DON'T HAVE TO GET ON AN AIRPLANE. :) So I just got the table. ([ profile] the_z, you decided if you're coming or not yet?)
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This is an incredibly long reply I wrote to someone on the forums at Manga Revolution, who asked for tips on selling prints in artist alleys. About halfway through I realized it needed to be written up as a tutorial, with better organization and design, and plan on doing so but thought I'd solicit other people's advice and experiences with selling art at anime cons, so am posting it here first.

I didn't even get into the mechanics of selling: change, keeping track of sales, whether to store prints on the table or behind it, etc. Advice and stories on that appreciated. :)

Naturally, this advice is geared towards anime conventions, not regular SF or comic cons, as that's what I sell at.

ETA: I didn't edit the BBcode into HTML, so the links look a bit funny. :)


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