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Presenting...the ALL-NEW* and IMPROVED

Artist Alley Survival Guide!



* For variants of "all-new" that include "the original text plus some editing and updating, especially in the payment methods section"
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The comment spammers almost got me!

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...I am about 99% sure that I'm going to avoid all con artist alleys this year, stand back and regroup, and see what, if any, I'll do next year. Part of it is that I'd like to do some more original stuff so that I can sell prints of it online, and part of it is that I'm tired of the grind, plus I don't have enough new stuff each year. If I take some time off, I should be able to come back with a bunch of new works the next time I do it.

I'm not stopping doing kanzashi, either: my stylist told me flat-out the last time I saw him that when they move to their new digs in march, he's got this shadowbox he's going to put on the wall to show off my stuff and asked if I wanted to do the easy thing of him just flat buying the kanzashi from me and selling them, or if I wanted to do the more complicated route of consignment. XD I picked the easy way - I could get more money potentially the other way, but it would require both of us to do a hell of a lot more record-keeping. :)

But the decision of artist-alleying or not artist-alleying will be made by Friday, as that's the sign-up day for A-Kon's Artist Alley.
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I keep failing to post about this, but think about it every day when I'm at a con in the artist alley: I think I've only ever lost one item to a shoplifter at a con. And I'm not even sure about that one. :)

Back at Ikkicon this year, I noticed at one point during the day that I had one less copy of Project Blue Rose on the table than I thought I should have. No clue as to whether someone walked off with it, whether I failed to write it down, or whether I counted my books wrong at the beginning. I think it was walked off with, however.

But considering I've had one item shoplifted in the six years I've been doing this: not bad!
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...if you are an artist who sits in an artist alley, or a conrunner, (or, hell, someone just really interested?), what would you like to ask people who shop in the AA? Thanks to a comment by [ profile] koh4711 on the LJ version of the previous post about market research in AAs, I'm also thinking of setting up a SurveyMonkey survey of AA customers/patrons/what-have-you, to try to work out a bit of what they're looking for.

And now back to banging my head against Wordpress.
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Today's lunch reading (and probably tonight's reading as well, if my net access is still out) is Paco Underhill's* Why We Buy,

Just opening the book and reading random pages gave me ideas about artist alley tables - there's a section where he talks about how people don't like to bend over to get items from shelves, which illustrates why I think so many AA people are now getting elaborate setups at their tables which raise their products to eye level, and there's also info about how people don't like what he calls the butt-brush: if the display is in an area where people are jostled or bumped, they'll shorten their browsing and buying time.

Which made me think ... what about if I created a questionnaire/survey sheet/whatever to be filled out at AAs by various people? If you're an AA artist would you be willing, for a free look at the data generated, to fill out forms that ask you to do things like make tick marks for the number of people who browse at your table, and then for the number of people who buy things? And whatever other quantitative data I can come up with? I can't do a thing about qualitative data, like how good your art is or whether you've hit the sweet spot for series to draw fanart of, and so on, but I think there's good info to be found in the quantitative range, like how much sells in the $1-3 price range versus how much sells in the $8-10 range, etc. All identifying info would be removed, obviously, and I wouldn't ask things like how much profit you made. (I see perhaps, eventually, crunching the numbers and putting it into a PDF that I could sell for download at $1-2/pop to cover bandwidth etc., but all participants would get free versions and would have access to the anonymized data.)

Not sure if I'd get off my duff and do the forms, but it's a possible project. The more buy-in I get, the more I'd be likely to do it. :D Thoughts? I am VERY MUCH not a statistician or professional marketing analyst, just have a bit of background in anthropological and sociological fieldwork, but I think some broad conclusions might be able to be made.

* He's not a hobbit, but a marketing anthropologist. :D

Con Stuff

Apr. 13th, 2009 12:50 pm
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Drove to Anime Matsuri, getting to the hotel about 1:30. Discovered that all those ratty little cheapo anime congoers had already requested complimentary fridges in their rooms, so none for us, dooming us to be forced to eat good food for breakfast and lunch instead of our original plan of buying a loaf of bread, a head of lettuce, and lunch meat. :D Am slightly annoyed at hotel for not actually letting me know that said request could not be filled before getting up to the room and discovering no fridge.
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Lately, I've run across some people complaining about artists charging a lot of money at conventions for their work. The people complaining are upset that they can't afford art.

What they don't know is how expensive it is to sell the art. Here's the breakdown, with actual costs and intake, from the convention I just went to:
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I'm not posting this to ask for tips on reducing costs, and such will be ignored. This entire endeavor is a hobby, and I'm doing it primarily to recoup my expenses. This post is a public service announcement that I can link to the next time I run across someone complaining about how much artists charge for their work in artist alleys.


And oh, yeah: you might now understand why I am saying COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Info HERE.


Feb. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Am getting sick. [ profile] myrialux laid lower than I am - he's got fever and body aches, but I have utterly avoided that and have just coughing and tiredness. He also says that he gets sick like this once or twice a year. So no clue if it's flu or not. Plz not to be asking flu-shot questions* or leaving helpful comments about orange juice** and water because I either already know about them or am not doing them anyway.

I am not surprised about a lack of fever in me, as I don't actually get fevers except in the most extreme of circumstances. I haven't had one over 100.3 since I was in highschool, and that was way far long ago.

It's also probably not con crud as of my coworkers***, one is out with something suspiciously similar to this, and the other is starting to exhibit symptoms. I suspect if it's con crud, I was a vector of it and not a mere recipient.

Am also eating like a pig, as is [ profile] myrialux. :D I'm going to attempt work tomorrow as I ahve a performance review, but if I ahve to go home, it'll be by the grocery store so I can stock up on Tune Helper and other low-work foods.

Anyway. Con. Most of it covered in the text messages. Yes, lots of people not recognizing Saiyuki. I could tell this, because they'd turn to those prints in the portfolio and say "I don't recognize this show." Most of them were younger, yes.

Matt from Death Note. I got asked several times for him, and when I started a sketch to eventually transfer to marker paper and color, someone bought it from me right after I finished outlining the major lines in Sharpie so I could see it through the marker paper. XD So I did another one, and managed to get it to marker stage, whereupon someone bought it. And after that, someone else came by who'd seen it being colored and was disappointed that it had already sold.


* I was out sick the day they administered them at work and failed to figure out where else I could get one. Yeah, I know. Let's not discuss it.

** Too acidic for my stomach on a normal day, much less when it's been made rumbly and annoyed by sinus drainage.

*** Who I am fairly sure *did* get the flu shot, actually, so it's probably not flu or it's a strain not covered in the shot this year.

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