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They're for a Seekrit Projekt that will, fingers crossed, be public at some point soon. So if there's any questions you've got burning to get answered that might require the help of a reference librarian, ask away!
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Found via Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Old El Paso and the Canadians (CTV) have joined together to produce the most hysterical advertising I have seen yet: it uses your Facebook info to star YOU in an ongoing telenovela. I've only watched the first chapter so far, where Felipe the poolboy comes to me to confess that he's been followed around by a mysterious breeze that throws his shirt open...

Mi Marido, Mi Ángel (My Husband, My Angel)

(I have really got to get a "laughing hysterically" icon...)
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[ profile] droiche asks: "Do you by chance know where I can find a map or diagram of Da Ci'en Temple in Xi'an? Something that shows the layout of the entire compound would be infinitely useful." I have come up empty. Anyone else with spare time feel the need to search? Thanks!

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Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:36 pm
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I know that most of you have better things to do on a Friday night than read LJ, but hey. At any rate, I dunno how many of you already know, but [ profile] rachelmanija and I are working on a next thing - a 20-40 page short story to submit to an anthology, and because I didn't want to draw trenchcoats again for a while, among other things, we're doing a sort of fantasy thing that we like to refer to as Gay Tibetan Martial Artists.*

If you're interested in How It All Happened, you can read her blog entry about it here.

At any rate, I'm starting to collect images for reference and inspiration, and if any of you feel like wielding a little Google-fu, here's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Mountains. But not general pretty scenery mountains. I've got plenty of images of dramatic snow blowing off Everest and the like. What I need is photos that are a little more intimate - trekking in the mountains, mountain paths, and so on. And not really forested Apalachian-type mountians. I need dramatic, unforgiving, tough Himalayan or Andean type mountain terrain shots. Crevasses and gorges = Good. Snow = Good. Rocky terrain = Good. The sort of place where almost the only living creature is mad dogs and Englishmen mountain goats and idiotic mountaineers. I don't need dramatic long-distance scenery shots. I need to know how to draw people actually walkign on trails, so I need photos of trails and climbers on walls and stuff that are close enough to allow me to draw them. I can't do all the pages with teh images all at a distance of half a mile. If you're not sure what I mean, ask.

Tibetan, Nepali, and Bhutanese moasteries, temples, and other buildings. As well as people and clothing. If you can find some shots of the beautiful old buildings - I think it may be a temple complex - in Kathmandu, so much the better.

Images and video of someone wielding a chain whip. (It's a weapon of a rope or chain with a weight on one end - in Shanghai Knights, Jackie Chan improvises one with a length of rope and a horseshoe.) Images and video of interesting Central Asian weapons, especally ones that aren't that well-known. If anyone can find proof that the Tibetan dorje and the axe known as the Ego Chopper and other symbolic weapons were actually used as real weapons, I LOVE YOU LONG TIME FIVE DOLLAS. (Caveat: not from the site. I'm trying to corroborate their info.)

I'll post as I think of other things.

* Again with the gay, because it's a yaoi/boys'love-themed market we're going to be submitting to.

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