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I have not told you all about the MOSTEST AWESOMEST model that I picked up from a convenience store in Japan. You see, next to all the anime figurines at one conbini was a selection of cylindrical squat boxes, with pictures of stuff Leonardo da Vinci had designed all over them. [ profile] rachelmanija encouraged me to get one, and it turned out that I purchased a scale model of a war machine of some ilk. I had not shown it previously because I broke it while I was unpacking it, and it required some epoxy to be able to show it off properly.

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And now, for one pic of Kenpachi and Yachiru, my new electronic toys...

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And now my upstairs neighbors appear to ahve removed whtever was making their washing machine go off-balance, and go THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA THUNKA so I can actually go to bed.

Oh yeah...

Nov. 12th, 2007 01:03 am
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Virus-checker in, Windows updates downloaded and isntalled, and now I'm working at removing cruft. Microsoft Office is taking a long time to uninstall, and every so often it gives a whuff! of either relief or disapproval. XD

Google Desktop and Toolbar come automatically installed. I want neither of them. Same with Napster. GAH.

P.S. For my computer name, I suspect maybe someone of whom I can say "Pretty but slow" may be accurate. XD Or maybe I'll just pick a random name.
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So the first things I did on my new laptop were to uninstall MacAfee, and to download and install ZoneAlarm's firewall and AVG's free antivirus. And I set it to run a scan, in case the ten minutes it spent connected to the Net unprotected were enough to infect it.* It was not infected but it took over an hour to find that out. Wow. I think something right out of the box shouldn't take over an hour to scan for viruses. O.o

I'll be deleting various pre-installed things, too: I really don't need a trial version of Office or many of the trial games they installed.

I've never named a laptop before. What should I name it? :D

* Don't believe it? I've had a machine get infected in less than ten minutes before.
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Well, what my iPod dying has done is crystallize what I'm doing as regards my near-future computing plans. You see, the iPod Classic 80-gig won't work with Win2K, which is what my home system runs. I first thought - well, dammit, I'll just upgrade to a legit copy of WinXP and that means that the new computer I get will be a frankenstein.

And then on the way to buy that I realized that I was a total dumbass and that I'd already 90% talked myself into the plan of buying a cheapass laptop plus a sweet desktop and that if they had a cheapass laptop of the sort I was going to be getting (because with me, 90% means I'm going to do it: it's that ADHD thing in which I do NOT mull things over and list pros and cons and so on), I should go ahead and do that.

And they did. I've got a cheapass Gateway ML6720 Internet box. It runs Vista, but as I'm not actually going to be installing my expensive art programs on it, it doesn't matter. I will just be able to bitch about Vista legitimately in the OS Wars. It comes with wireless already installed, and as the boy told me he'd give me his wireless router, I can, once I get it, sit on the sofa and post to Livejournal.

Plz to be asking anyone tempted to say "You shouldn't have done that; you should have done this instead not to ask it, because all it will do is tick me off, as I'm not going to be taking everything back and redoing the entire technology plan. :)

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