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So we've got two chairs that look like this:

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Need suggestions for a couch that won't look horribly out of place next to them. Would prefer to go with the vaguely '30s (or 1920s-1940s) vibe I sort of get from them than the 1950s-60s mModern vibe. i.e it needs to look like something you'd see in a movie made from an Agatha Christie novel rather than an early James Bond movie.

In other words, while these chairs are cheap-and-cheerful Modern*, I'm going with the Art Deco/Art Moderne elements of them that I can see in these 1930s and 1930s-inspired club chairs.

I did find a couch sort of like the reproduction 1930s couches in the top photos here, at *shudder* Crate & Barrel, but it's $1500 (on sale in the store right now) and $1200 is really closer to my top limit. I'd prefer more like $800, which I know cuts out a lot of options, but would go to $1200 for the right sofa.

Plz to not be telling me to just buy what I love and they'll go together. I've been doing that for fifteen years and they do not go together, they look like crap together. I'd rather have a destination in mind.

ETA: Also, it needs to have arms large enough to sit back against when lounging reading a book. :)

* Which I can find EVERYWHERE I LOOK and am getting heartily tired of.


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Jan. 2nd, 2006 01:10 am
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The reason I keep coming across anime stuff is that I'm cleaning up the dining/library area, which has served as a junk catchall for the past year, because over the next couple of weeks I'm moving my studio area into there. I did the IKEA thing today - there's been a store open in Frisco, about 45 minutes away, for 6 months now and I kept intending to go. Only got 2 things because I realized quickly that of the $300 I budgeted for this, I was going to ahve to have a good deal of that for the delivery, because even if they fit in my car there was no way I was going to be able to get them out on my own. :)

So I got this desk and this chest of drawers to start off the studio area. I was originally going to buy at least one more table and move the bookshelves over to the area where my work area is currently, but realized that if I didn't I could leave the bookshelves there and buy more bookshelves for the current work space and be a lot happier. And Target has some cheap 5-shelf bookshelves for sale, so I think I may be over there tomorrow.

This is a coffee table I've got my eye on - I like the storage, plus the ability to extend it if necessary. In black-brown, of course, not that birchy color.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with my current desk, which looks sort of like a Stealth bomber. IKEA wanted $60 to take it away, and ... I don't THINK so!

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