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I seem to have been hit twice by an anonymouse this morning, who is, apparently, unaware that their IP address resolves to a school in Indianapolis and that I have the exact time they posted, which means if they come back and get abusive, instead of (a) contradictory and (b) squeeful over a blue-footed booby icon, I can contact the IT department in the school district, who will know which computer and exactly which time, and therefore the exact person who did it. :)

I say, that would be even more fun than booby-trapping hotlinkers with Kenpachi-chan! No call to do it yet, though.

Hello, anonymouse! Please leave a name!
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And I think I caught another one somewhere in this crunchyroll forum thread, but as there's over 24 pages already, I'm not up to looking through all of them to find it.

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