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Getting this posted in between LJ's bouncing up and down...

*dies laughing*

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Also: <- warning, music plays.
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Now I KNOW you guys are doing this, because we rarely get more than 5 or 6 hits on the PBR site per day. :)
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Actually, it *does* eff up the stats for me to get lots of hits that don't mean anything. I'm not looking at the stats for fun, but trying to figure out what sorts of things I need to put on that site to drive REAL traffic there because I would like to, say, SELL BOOKS and PAY RENT, and the bogus stats make that impossible.

(Not to mention it was funny the first couple of times, but after the eleventh, it's a little tiring. The best comedians know when to stop telling the joke.)

SO therefore I AM REQUESTING that every time you drop a bogus hit onto my site stats, you purchase something from through one of our Amazon referrer links. It doesn't have to be any of the books featured on the page like Rachel's memoir or the manga reviews, because if you access Amazon through one of our links, the referrer ID stays with you and credits us with a few pennies. Although Rachel would love it if you bought her memoir, which was published by a real publisher and everything, and is quite good to boot.
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I wonder, perhaps, if That Creepy Guy[TM] has been websearching...
2	manga inking tutorials
1	starting out manga
1	manga inking what to use
1	stuck in glue her feet
1	what kind of things people like to buy
1	sexy poses for the larger lady
1	scanning manga
1	computers internet blog
1	spindrift inking pens
1	manga paper line
1	g nib inking
1	comic page bleed
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Today's WTF?! search term for the Project Blue Rose site: rose hu man car auction. Spacing original.
telophase: (Gin wants to ikorose your heart) I KNOW it's ALL YOUR FAULT that I now have 81 hits on this search phrase!

81	sexually themed fabric to sell at artist alley
1	project blue rose
1	self publishing manga
1	manga artist tools dip pen
1	how to i self publish manga
1	what colors appeals most to art buyers?
1	art selling at anime conventions
1	how to ink using the nib pen to ink manga

Are we all trying to make the PBR site the #1 result in that search? XD
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OK, for all of you who were mystified by yesterday's inclusion of "sexually themed fabric" in my site query stats, which one of you decided to investigate further?

1	scanning art work inking threshold
1	blue rose projects
1	self publishing manga
1	inking manga
1	yaoi anime
1	computers internet blog
1	sexually themed fabric to sell at artist alley
1	artist alley
1	how to page bleed
1	tools for manga


Jul. 24th, 2008 08:12 am
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Today's set of interesting search terms that found
2	manga artist inking tools
1	manga inking tips
1	sexually themed fabric
1	discount personal checks
1	computers internet blog
1	making keychains to sell at artist alley
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Yesterday's search terms from the Project Blue Rose site.
1	blue rose story
1	inking manga
1	scanning manga
1	manga starting with b
1	blue blur rose
1	semi sales
1	what are good tools to use for manga supplies
1	page bleed
1	free business proposal samples
1	hot kissing

In other news, my headache of 4 days is almost completely gone, yay. However it's been replaced by ominous twinges in my right elbow as I type and mouse which I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT.
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Yesterday's search terms from hits to
1	manga inking
1	artists alley guide
1	how many copies sold of all the fishes come home to roost
1	selling prints at comic con art show
1	self publish a manga
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Yesterday's search strings that found the Project Blue Rose site:

2	artist survival guide
1	blue roses
1	manga inking scanner
1	what kind of art sales
1	manga inking tutorial
1	checks cashed
1	businessman leather pants
1	how to create pvc rig for artist alley
1	hotel sales letter

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