Jul. 22nd, 2013 08:13 pm
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It's been a while since I played any Sims, because my old computer croaked and I got a Mac, and the Steam version of the Sims only runs on PC. Which means I have to boot into BootCamp and run Windows on my machine in order to play, and I hadn't got around to that in well over a year.

Recently, I lost my saving roll and purchased a few things in the Steam summer sale, most of which run on PC only, so I went to install them and found that something went wrong with the approximately three bajillion Windows updates I had to install--if you recall, that would be the Windows Update error informing me that I needed to update Windows Update before I could update Windows Update, but that it couldn't find the Windows Update update--so we torched my install and started over from scratch.

I'm not sure where my old Sims saved games are. We're both pretty sure that we set up some sort of place on my machine or one of my many external hard drives to write them to so I wouldn't lose them in this sort of eventuality, but there's no telling where they are at the moment. Which is kind of sad, as I'd created Sims to represent the three heroes of my late, unlamented webcomic, and their Sims life was pretty entertaining. At least to me, and a couple of nice readers who claimed they laughed. Click on the "Sims" tag to refresh your memory or to introduce them to yourself if you're new here.

So I'm debating recreating them and starting over. I did create Sims avatars for Toby, me, and the cats and let them loose for a couple of days. The ones where the cats were actual cats (I've got the Pets expansion) were pretty dull, really, and the one where I turned Sora and Nefer into teenagers living with us were only slightly better.

The high point of that game session was when Nefer decided to cook and put something into the oven, then wandered off. The oven caught fire, and Toby and Sora stood around panicking until a firefighter arrived, put the fire out, then lectured them both about fire safety.

Anyway, any other ideas for possibly-entertaining Sims other than Beecher, Genghis, and Jason?


Jun. 29th, 2012 01:01 pm
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So! I need a name for a campus organization devoted to watching/discussing movies/films. A film society, as it were. Difficulty level: it cannot be "Film Society" or something really close to that.

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I was thinking you should tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

Yeah, ok, it's pretty well established that I tend not to write unless there's some sort of externally-imposed deadline, but you never know. Plus, I really really want to get something mroe written on the Can't Sleep stuff, but am failing at that because I need plot-noodling help. :P
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This cold is weird - very little congestion, but exhaustion starting today and VERRRRRTIGO! I can tell when my cold meds are wearing off by the way I start getting dizzy when turning my head or looking up, and so on.

And then there was that announcement from earlier, which is garnering comments I need to reply to. :) We actually got engaged a short while back, but held off on making it public until we told [ profile] myrialux's parents so when I start posting about various wedding-related stuff it's going to sound like we did it all in about two days.*

* Oh come on, it took us at least two weeks. :)

Anyway, I'm just sitting here, head slightly spinning from the vertigo** as I wait until 9 or so to take my night-time cold meds and stagger into the bedroom to sleep, so I'll see if I can knock out some more of the Can't Sleep stuff because I know you hang around here for that.

** Talked to Mom today, and apparently she's had it at some point in her life, and her dad had it, too. Not that I remember the details because: sick. But, huh.

On to the Sims! Beecher throws a party! Genghis stares at people! Does Jason have a date now?

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I am now getting run down from this cold/what-have-you and my brainpower is just about as much as it takes to write one of these up.

So. Can't Sleep Sims Will Eat Me 5. Primary action: creepy woman stalks Genghis, but gets out-creeped by him. Beecher fails to score with any woman.

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Aaaand more Can't Sleep boys in the 'hood as it's this, go outside and walk, or cut my lunch short and go home half an hour early and WE CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE THAT, CAN WE?

Beecher is exhausted! Jason fails to pick up on romantic interest! Genghis plants a lettuce!

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More Can't Sleep in Simsville, as I want to kill time at lunch. (what? go for a walk instead? Quelle horreur!) (I could also get in closer to the figures when taking screenshots, but it never seems to occur to me to do so.)

More arguments! Genghis goes to the bookstore! Jason talks to a girl! EXTREME jogging!

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Because I know you all wanted it, this is Part 2 of the Adventures of the Can't Sleep Boys in Simsville!

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So some time ago I made Sims of the three main characters from my* late unlamented webcomic Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me.

* Well, also written by [ profile] mothoc and [ profile] myrialux.

Genghis, Beecher, and Jason all ended up living together in a house in Simsville (I forgot the name of the town they're supposed to be in), as if they'd graduated and were housemates. I was able to get decently close to their personalities and looks. If you're unfamiliar with the characters and need a short intro I think you can sort of see bitter Genghis and kilt-clad Beecher here and here, and there's no one comic that really encapsulates Jason other than that he's the hapless nebbish sort.

The screenshots are enormous because I didn't bother to resize them. You'll have to deal with it. :)

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Oct. 27th, 2011 03:08 pm
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As part of all the cleanup from the exploit got hit with, I finally cleaned up the bizarre redirect that was sending to the original, compromised, Can't Sleep website.

You may now read ancient webcomics about SF conventions from 2003 to 2006 again. Better read 'em now before my crappy coding gets exploited again.

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