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... whodunnit on Diagnosis Unknown, on Discovery Health as I type this: it's almost always someone poisoning someone else, and the poisoner is the person who was not interviewed for the show. It's incredibly obvious once you know what to look for, like figuring out if the person the cops have nabbed on [insert cop show name here] is the person whodunnit based on how far into the episode it is: if it's 20 minutes in, it's a wrongful arrest. At 50 minutes in, it's the true perp.
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At lunch today I went by Borders because the online inventory checker thingy said both Saiyuki Reload 1 and Fruits Basket 11 were in stock. Found Furuba, but SR wasn't anywhere. After approximately a metric buttload of employees who are normally happy and smiley and asking you if you need help brusquely walked by me while deliberately avoiding my gaze, I went over to Customer Service. Where the woman there who was - at least to start with - happy and smiley looked up SR and said that it had a street date of August 9th and they couldn't put it out before then, although failed to adequately explain why it was marked as being available in the online inventory.

And then I sort of gestured the Furuba I was holding at her and said "Strange. I thought this had the same street date as Saiyuki Reload." She said that I was probably mistaken and looked it up to discover that Furuba 11 did indeed have a street date of August 9th. She'd lost the happy smiley facade by this point and muttered that she was going to have to pull all of them, and stared hungrily at my copy and grudgingly admitted that since I'd picked it up she of course could't take it away, and I got distinct vibes that she was sort of hoping that I'd surrender it voluntarily. Tough luck, sister! You didn't respond to my vibes that I was sort of hoping you'd go get a copy of SR from the back, so you don't get to take Furuba back. XD

So if you had intended to go buy Furuba 11 from the Borders at Hulen and I-30 in Fort Worth this weekend: it's my fault. However the Barnes and Noble on University just south of I-30 has absolutely no problem with breaking street date on Saiyuki Reload, so I ahve a copy after all, but strangely they do not have any Furuba 11 out. (And both copies of volume 10 are shrink-wrapped. Why, I have no idea. Any thoughts?)

Downloaded some pics from my phone - kittyspam and Saiyuki toys.

Look here for overly grainy and out-of-focus pictures! )
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Prompted by a thought from [ profile] coffee_and_ink in the post on manga stories and cliches, I've just registered the community [ profile] manga_talk for discussion and analysis of manga. It may or may not go anywhere - I did this on impulse and will think for a while on exactly what it should cover. [ profile] homemade_manga is more geared towards the act of making manga, mostly with art posted and getting crit for it, so I'm thinking straight art crit posts should be directed over there, although I can see where they could become springboards for discussion. But, heck, I'm open to anything.

I've started throwing a few interests into the profile. Anyone wanna be a mod? You get issued with a shiny new modstick and banhammer, more because I like saying "modstick" and "banhammer" than because I think they'll be necessary. (I figure anything gets too heated, I'm pointing it out to fandom_wank or i_wank and letting the mockery do its thing.)

Thoughts? Ideas? Bueller? Bueller?

And oh yeah - I started [ profile] fic_sans_pareil quite some time ago for recs of outstanding fic, and it promptly leapt into obscurity. I wandered over there for the first time in ages and saw that a number of you had joined the comm - does anyone feel like rescuing it from oblivion? :) My original idea was for it to feature recs more like reviews, where the poster spent a little bit of time talking aobut why they found the fic so good (or at least pointed to links elsewhere where they did that), but if anyone wants to take over or be a mod or whatever, they're welcome to change it to whatever they want.

Heading to the grocery store and home now - will wait and see if anyone makes any comments by the time I get home. :)
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if you are looking for a job...

...Target seems to need a search engine specialist...I typed in conair hair braider and it produced 4420 hits. The first one was the DVD Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alwhatever

(Mom's a weaver and is having shoulder and hand problems, making it hard to twist fringe at the moment, and was looking for the hair braider for that.)
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DVD burner installed good. UPS that I bought also installed good - now I can compute and art away during thunderstorms, safe in the knowledge that if the power goes out I can at least save what I'm working on in the five minutes of battery backup I've got. I've got the most important stuff on my computer - the comics stuff - backed up to disk now, and I am attempting to burn a movie (the fansub of Howl's Moving Castle, in case you gave a damn) to DVD in DVD-player type format to see if I can. I'll know in 1 hour and 42 minutes ... I don't think I'll last until it's done.

Anyway, in the process of installing said things and hauling the CPU around and crawling under the desk, I appear to have pulled a muscle right under my left shoulderblade. ARG.

Look, [ profile] thomasyan, a subject line! Now you can find this entry with ease! Too bad you won't want to!

ETA: Amazingly, for once, a narcotic has worked for me! I usually have ZERO effect from opioid-type drugs, but I took a couple of hydrocodone from a previous prescription (almost full bottle, due to it having NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER at the time) on the off chance it'd do something, and the pain is now lessened, I'm very very sleepy, and I'm now kinda goofy. Nothing like what narcotics are supposed to do to you, from what I understand.

You were all just dying to hear that, weren't you? I shall now go be quietly drug-goofy in this corner and annoy the cat by poking her.
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Waldenbooks just sent me email - they're having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale this month on summer reading, including manga. I can't quite tell from the ad if it's specific titles or all titles, but worth heading in to see.

In other news, I just tried a newish restaurant here - Nine Pan-Asian Cuisine. No clue if it's a chain or local, but the lunch special was pretty good and I actually liked the hot and sour soup for once. "Pan-Asian" apparently means they serve mostly Chinese entrees with some pho dishes and some Thai-flavored dishes, and sushi, with a couple of hibachi tables off on one side. I had lemongrass grilled beef - for some reason in restaurants it's easier to get chicken right than beef, so if I'm testing an Asian place, I order beef. If it comes out lackluster and flavorless, or - the horror - grey, I don't go back. The beef here was good - certainly worth $6.95, and wasn't tough or chewy.

If you're local and reading this, Nine is behind the Chik-Fil-A one block south of the I-30/Hulen intersection in Fort Worth.

I also seem to have a Mysterious Cable/Dish Box that operates smartly without its SIM card. I got home last night to see that all the channels were claiming that I wasn't subscribed to them. So I phoned the cable company (Ygnition serves channels from the Dish network and supplies cable Internet access) and after we established that I had not got a new SIM card, the tech got a Dish network tech on the line. After that, we discovered that not only did I not have a new Sim card, but I never had one to begin with. The slot is empty, I am the only person at home, it was working last night, and nobody's been in the apartment except the cat, who isn't talking.

After going through the menus, we discover that the box thinks it's got a SIM card, so they talked me through a hard reset, which brought all my channels back despite the lack of a card, and all three of us agreed that if it was working, we weren't going to question.
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I've rented a ton of movies to watch this weekend while I'm doing art, and almost at the end of the recent version of Around the World in 80 Days, which has a certain stupid fun to it, although my copy of the etext of Verne's Around the World in 80 Days neglected to mention that Passepartout was Chinese and inexplicably left out the subplot involving Wong Fei Hung, the Ten Fighting Tigers and a stolen jade Buddha. Obviously, I must have accidentally downloaded the abridged edition.
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Finally ran across some sort of way to quantify pain. I like quantifying things. It puts them in boxes that I can deal with.

The Mankoski Scale. Going by this, my migraines are usually 6-7, with the worst going up to 8, and some hovering around 5 (you have to ignore the painkiller column, since OTC painkillers are infeective* in my migraines, and I seem to be an opioid non-responder, so codeine et. al produce no effect whatsoever on me). My back, OTOH, is currently at 2-3, goes up to 4-5 if I've done something stupid. But was at about 6 a year ago.

* I like that typo for 'ineffective' too much to change it.
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Random pointless post.

I just freaked out my cat with the iPod. I was scritching her and held one of the earpieces to her ear, which made her start and twitch her ear a bit. She sniffed it, then I held it to her ear again which was just Too Weird For Words and she got off the sofa.

And I think of this every time I feed her the hairball and tooth treats when I get home from work, but never get around to posting it (because you are all SO INTERESTED in the minutiae of my cat's daily life): I can make my cat drool like a Labrador retriever. If I tease her a bit with the treats before opening the bag to give her some, she'll drool on my jeans. XD

[ profile] rachelmanjia, don't panic if you see a large dump of Africa Letters over the next few days - I'm not spending time typing them all in. I thought I'd typed in 5 or 6 back in 2002; turned out to be more like 13 or 14, the majority of which are in January and February of 1975. I ought to properly parcel them out sparingly over the next week or so, but I have never been much for being able to build suspense like that because I am impatient, so you guys will probably get overloaded by them in a short period of time. Luckily, Mom started using aerograms a lot, so they tend to be only one handwritten page instead of 5 or 6 like she was writing before.

I mean, aren't you all on tenterhooks waiting to see if we ever get The Box? And I promise you gossip about the research scientists at SRI!
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I was originally supposed to be going to my mom's house this weekend, to spend time with my grandparents, but my grandmother started having an episode of high blood rpessure, so they're not making it. :( I'm going on down anyway, since I haven't seen my mother in almost six months, but she is under strict instructions to make me draw comics all weekend.

It's not like there's anything to do in College Station in the summer anyway, so it's not like there's going to be too many distractions. She's on a modem, so no high-speed net access for me. Probably a good thing.

I've just messed about with my journal settings, so I can use tags. It's been 2 years with the old style anyway, so high time for a change. I'll probably mess with the colors later because it's a little pink and blue for my taste, although I like desaturated colors.

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