Aug. 18th, 2008 05:41 pm
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I'm getting stuff ready to send to the Anime Weekend Atlanta art show. They don't allow the selling of fanart, although they do have a contest for fanart. So I'm sending ONE piece of fanart for the contest to be marked Not For Sale, and the rest will all be originals.

So ... which fanart piece do I send?

ETA: The intarwebs have spoken! Les Marchands it is! (Feel free to vote and comment as you will, though!)

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Art for Otakon: mailed! Only sent five pieces, since they wanted it in lots of five and I didn't want to drop more money on prints, ink, and mats. Ai-yi-yi. But sent Les Marchands and the big Haku print, so hopefully those will go for lots and lots of money. Send me good profitable thoughts!
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Anyone here know if the Otakon art show allows fanart? I thought it didn't, but I now can't find where I thought it said it didn't.

(P.S. [ profile] rushthatspeaks? Your offer for handling the art for me still open? And do you want a print in return? :D)
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Prints made, matted, labeled on back, and boxed. Paperwork done and in box. Free stickers for whoever hangs it in box. Return postage in box. Forgot to make return mailing label until after box taped up, but they'll survive making their own.

I have the Box of Awesome sent to me by when I ordered 11x14" backing boards and bags. It's cardboard, 18x15x6", and inside has cardboard forming a sort of padding around an 11x14" hole, so all I have to do is lightly pad the bottom and top to protect the prints and mats. Whee!

Also, Samurai Deeper Kyo 29 purchased at the Barnes & Noble near the Hobby Lobby I went to at 7 PM when I realized I had a 4' x 8' panel to fill and only 10 11x14" matted prints, and therefore a lot of space left over, so I went and got 8 5x7" mats for 5.5x3.5" prints, which just happens to be right about the size of an 11x17" print reduced to that size, so I filled in the gaps with small ones. :)

I hope I at least break even on this. If you work out the math, it's pretty scary...

cut for math and con musings )
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People near DFW: it looks like someone's starting a new anime and gaming con: YuleCon, in early December in North Fort Worth. Head over to their forums (went up yesterday!) and tell them what you want to see at the con. (*coughartistalleyandartshowcough*)

Also! My usual begging for ideas! The mail-in art shows at anime cons I mentioned in my previous post take non-fanart only,* and while I've got a couple of pieces suitable for that so far, I need inspiration for more! :D So if you have ideas, give 'em over here!

* Otakon's rules are wack: the artist alley allows things like realistic versions of anime characters, as that's enough of a transformation to count as 'parody,' they say, but I think the art show doesn't want to go that far.


Jun. 18th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Is there anyone here going to Otakon who would be willing to be an Authorized Artist's Agent and have me mail art for the Art Show to their home beforehand, to hang it in the Art Show, and to pick up what doesn't sell afterward on Sunday and mail it back to me? I'd of course cover all postage and fees and give you a nice matted print (or copies of my comics) in return. :D

(Yeah, I'm currently attempting to do more mail-in art show stuff at the moment. I need to increase my cash flow. :D)

Also my offer to pay for someone's badge for AnimeFest here in Dallas if they help man my table each day might have got lost in the ginormous post I made it in a couple of days ago. That offer's still open. :D

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