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Woke up slightly early this morning, so finished off the last section of xxxHOLiC: AnotherHOLiC. My overall impression of the book? Not good. It's three short stories bundled together, the first of which was also printed in the Faust anthology I reviewed here a while back, but which I apparently forgot to tag so I can't find it. The first two stories have a small bit of plot, but mostly consist of Yuuko explaining things to Watanuki, and the third story consists of what is either some sort of strangely knowledgeable man or a random street crazy explaining his wacky view of the world to Watanuki. There may have been some sort of forward movement in there somewhere, but if there was, I missed it. I much preferred NISIOISIN's Death Note novel, because stuff actually happened there.

Anyway, overall my opinion of Anotherholic is that the footnotes were the best part of the book, and the rest was written by someone a little too impressed with his own genius to bother with things like character and plot.
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Amazon saw fit to drop the xxxHolic novel at my door today. It's hardback and very nice to hold. And on page 9, there's a place where whoever was dropping in a part of the footnote managed to accidentally hit a keypad or something which moved the cursor elsewhere. XD

The word thus produced is "paiyukimir", which should be "pair". The footnote is about yukimi daifuku, ice cream wrapped in mochi. A mistake *I* commonly make, which makes me feel indulgent towards it. Althougn it underlines the idea that while spellchecks aren't a substitute for copy editing, a good once-over with one near the end might be a good idea.


Mar. 5th, 2008 08:46 pm
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If you read xxxHolic, you'll know what this is: a plushie pipe fox! And a tutorial for making one!

*wonders how much someone would charge to make one for her*

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