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[ profile] octopedingenue took me up on my offer to rant about the character of Sabretooth and how what Marvel did with him pushed me over the edge.

First off, I'm going to mention that it's been years, on the order of fifteen or so, practically decades since I read the books I'm talking about, so I'm hazy on the details, and I'll probably get some wrong or out of order. That's OK. We can all live with that. It's the larger narrative that's important, for the most part.

And it's really less of a rant than a history, with a couple of ranty bits in it. But one of them's really ranty.

Onward! )
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Just came back from Wolverine, and I had a very enjoyable time. The movie was exactly what I expected, and I expected Wolverine's ass. I did not expect great scriptwriting, involving plot, great acting, or much of anything else.

The plot was, of course, Yet Another Marvel Retcon, but as the X-movieverse is a retcon of the comicverse, that's not surprising. And a trawl through to see what Weapon X stuff there is produced an approximate 2497358923749374 versions of Weapon X, Wolverine: Origis, and so on.

Color me so surprised. *rolls eyes*

I quit reading the X-books about the point where Magneto pulled the adamantium out of Wolverine's bones* (and started reading them about the time the first Weapon X storyline started) - anyone out there know how many different versions of his origin there currently are?

* Spurred, actually, by stupid writing involving Sabretooth, of all people. He's my favorite evil villain, because I showed up in the X-verse right when they were doing interesting things with his character, and then someone screwed it all up again, completely reversing all the character-building they'd done, I got disgusted, and I left. If anyone actually wants me to rant about that, let me know.

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