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Ramblings and natterings on Marchands beneath the cut, for those of you interested. :)

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[ profile] chomiji's seen it, so now I post it! I present to you, Les Marchands du Désir.

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And many thanks to [ profile] emynona, who confirmed the French and suggested "les envies" for "wants," since I didn't want to repeat "désires" in the picture. :D


Jul. 14th, 2008 09:31 pm
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I HAVE FINISHED THE PICTURE. Yes, this is the pic that [ profile] chomiji won from me for Sweet Charity mumblety-many months ago. JUST IN TIME FOR WHOEVER WINS ME IN LIVELONGNMARRY!

It'll be posted after [ profile] chomiji's seen the final version. :)
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There are only a few hours of bidding left on Sweet Charity's spring go-round, and I am torn between keeping my currently-low so-far-winning bid for [ profile] yhlee's offered story a secret so nobody else bids against me, and going WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE THAT NOBODY'S BIDDING AGAINST ME SHE'S WORTH WAY MORE THAN THAT!!

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Sweet Charity is gearing up for its spring auction later this month, to benefit the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. I'm not offering myself as a Ho this round, because I have too much on my plate, including the picture [ profile] chomiji won off me in the last round, but unless things go pear-shaped, I'm planning on ho-ing for the September round.

So if you're thinking of ho-ing yourself out this round, go and sign up. It's open for sign-up until the 19th, and bidding starts on the 20th.
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Just to let you know, the Sweet Charity auction to help the Writers Guild Foundation will be opening for bids shortly (midnight GMT). I know several of you have volunteered stuff and/or services for bidding on, and here's a list of the few I remember. XD Comment here if you're not on the list & I'll update.

Details and caveats on all of the offers at Sweet Charity.

[ profile] telophase - Meeee! I'm donating a picture from any anime/manga fandom.
[ profile] rachelmanija/[ profile] edonohana - donating two things: (1) a story written for you, any fandom, at least 1000 words and (2) a close crit/beta on up to 20 pages for you.
[ profile] louiselux - a Saiyuki fic of up to 10K words.
[ profile] celticdragonfly - a crocheted Seal of Rassilon in the color of your choice.
[ profile] scribblemoose - WK or Saiyuki short story, ~5K words.

P.S. The site now defaults to the first category instead of listing all the participants when you click on the "For Sale" link, to help ease the load on the servers. Just use the drop-down menu to look through them. :)
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And now [ profile] rachelmanija is getting in on the act and offering two things for the Sweet Charity auction: fic written to order, and a manuscript critique.

Spread the word! (Especially about my anime/manga art offer, since the majority of the fandoms represented on the site are live-action media fandoms. XD)
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I've signed up to ho myself out on Sweet Charity's bonus auction to support the Writer's Guild Foundation Support Fund which assists industry members out of work during the writers' strike.

I'm offering one picture in any anime/manga fandom (For Sale -> look for 'telophase' or narrow the list down to 'graphics' and look for my name). Bidding starts on the 18th and lasts until the 26th. Details on my offer on the SC site or below the cut. (ETA: If you're not registered on the site, the list of offer apaprently only shows offers from the area of the world you're in. Change that on the menu at the right to see others.)

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