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Cutting-and-pasting from [ profile] rachelmanija:
[ profile] springfluff, the fic and art exchange dedicated to creating more much-needed happiness, needs more requests! If you want to get stories or give stories or both, please go sign up.

No commitment is required, but we need more requests so people can find more fandoms they know. (You can find existing fandom requests by clicking the tags.)
I mean, dude, really: you want surprise art or possibly even fic from me? You might get it, but not if your request isn't up there. No guarantees at all, but I certainly can't get inspired if there's nothing there to inspire me!
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In light of how much everything seems to be sucking for everyone right now, [ profile] yhlee and [ profile] rachelmanijacreated [ profile] springfluff, a no-deadline, no-stress fandom gift exchange! Rules in user info; go check it out.

Please be kind and tag your entries in this format: anime and manga: [name of show or manga], author: [last name first name], tv: [non-anime tv show], movie: [you get it), comic: (western comic), manhwa: [name of manhwa], etc.

Please announce this on your own LJs if you'd like to spread the joy (and increase the chances of someone creating something for you.)

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