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Okay, so here's the Samurai Champloo question I mentioned in the previous post. Toby, don't read this post as it will contain SERIES-DESTROYING spoilers.

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1. Toby's going out of town for the weekend to meet up and game with friends. I have the choice of driving all the way across town to watch a bunch of AMVs with my friends for judging for the AMV contest for an upcoming con, or staying home, eating popcorn and Tuna Helper, and watching HGTV until my eyeballs fall out.

This is a surprisingly difficult choice.

2. Toby and I have been watching Samurai Champloo via streaming on Netflix. We've just finished the episode where Mugen ends up fighting that guy who went to China and learned a deadly technique, then came back to Japan and got ticked off that nobody thought he was totes awesome.

This is my second time through SC and Toby's first. I've got a question about it, since it's been about six years or so since I watched it the first time, but I'll put it in another post so Toby can easily skip it. Feel free to squee non-spoilery in the comments here.

Next anime to watch after this (and to watch as we're on the bikes, once we get the TV set up in the bedroom): Fullmetal Alchemist, which Toby has not seen, and which I want to rewatch before starting on Brotherhood.

3. So, knitters on my f-list, if I choose option B in the first item in this post, and sit at home watching HGTV and using YouTube to teach myself simple knitting to make plant pockets (we've got an aloe named Stumpy that's serious outgrown its pot and needs to be broken up and repotted, and this seems like a nifty way to do it), what sort of yarn and needles am I looking for? Special snowflake details: the yarn needs to be acrylic or possibly wool (see comment in that post re: wool) so it doesn't rot and retains some moisture, and I need to be able to obtain them at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby, because I am not driving all the way over to the specialized knitting store in Arlington this weekend.

4. Failed to take my meds yesterday, and though I've taken them today, I'm still dealing with withdrawal symptoms now and for a while until they kick in. You know that way your head gets when you're really sleepy and trying to stay up and there's a kind of wave that goes through your head every so often? (Or is that just me? Don't know how else to describe it.) That's what I've got right now. Cannot wait for it to stop.

Will stop this post right now and go make the Champloo one I promised earlier.

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