Feb. 9th, 2011 07:43 pm
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So to take advantage of the snow day, I spent an hour and a half or so this afternoon messing about with my perfume components, creating a heart-note accord and a couple of top-note ones, and testing some scent samples from Luxury Lane Soaps, which I hadn't tested yet since I wanted to go through my BPAL ones and figure out what it was that I was allergic to before going to another company's scents.

And you've probably figured it out by now: I am currently sniffing and sneezing. Aargh. With no way of telling which one is at fault.

The only component I know I was working with that is in Phantom Time Hypothesis is benzoin, so I guess tomorrow I get to perfume myself with a drop or two of that, and see if I start sniffling and sneezing later on. :P
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The perfume I posted sadly about on Jan 1st is BPAL's Phantom Time Hypothesis, which I, unfortunately, love. It's a limited edition, so at least it won't sit there, tempting me, every time I go to the site.

I have no idea what component it is that hates me now. The description reads: A traditional Medieval perfume that never existed: balm, benzoin, damask rose, gumdragon, lignum aloes, orange water, ambergris, and vegetal musk., but (a) that won't be all the components in it, because they don't want people copying their perfumes, and (b) I have no clue if BPAL follows the practice of some perfumers and lists notes that appear in the perfume out of combinations of other notes, and not from the actual component, i.e. if you combine A and B and C and the result is rather close to D, you might list D as a note, even though you didn't put component D in there.

The allergy came on with an odd (to me) symptom: you know how when you go outside on a freezing day, breathe in, and your nose hairs freeze? It was that sensation. In the middle of a crowded restaurant. And my nose started running. The next night, when I realized at a party that the symptoms went away after I got home and showered but came back even worse - lots of sneezing, and majorly runny nose as well as that prickly feeling - after I put it on again, I connected it with the perfume.

So, oh well. I'm reeeeeeally hoping that it's not a common component like benzoin or ambergris*, because that's going to make my own perfume-making hobby rather ... interesting. I plan on doing sniff tests of various perfumes and perfume components I have in order to narrow it down so I can avoid it in the future. It may take some time, as it doesn't seem to come on immediately after applying the perfume, but a while later.

Also, I managed to put a shirt on today that had traces of the perfume still on it, and I didn't realize it until I was sniffing and sneezing in a morning meeting. Luckily, it was faint enough that it wasn't bothering me near as much as it was this weekend, so I got through the day with occasional sneezes, a half-stuffy nose, and some those prickly feelings inside my nose.

* Probably a synthetic in this perfume: the real stuff is damn expensive. But I could be wrong.
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Got my tester decants of Violette Market's Yule scents; thought I'd throw down quick first impressions while sniffing the vials as I'll never actually get around to doing full tests, and will need to decide before New Year's Day if I want to buy any bottles of these.

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Nov. 15th, 2010 10:54 am
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It's been 2 weeks since I blended my first perfumes, and they've done the majority of their aging. I'm sure they will continue to change and blend over the next couple of months, but in more subtle ways.

I've also decanted them from the bottles, and would like to ask for 2 volunteers one more volunteer All volunteers found, thanks! (I'll probably have more perfumes later to try!) to sniff-test them, try them out, and let me know how they work out over time from top notes to dry-down and let me know what works for you, what doesn't, and what suggestions you have (if any). I don't actually promise that they're any good, as they're the first ones I've done and I'm working with a very limited palette at the moment. I know what I think of them, good and bad, but I need alternate noses to compare to. The blending oil is fractionated coconut oil which I think may be technically non-allergenic but if you're allergic to nuts, I wouldn't risk it.

I can bribe you, perhaps, with something from your Amazon wishlist?
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Also, the Violette Market limted edition Yuletide perfumes are posted and way too many of them sound good. I must resist creating a decant group and asking people to go in with me! *whimper*
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They would be the very first six perfumes I have created!

Mind you I didn't say they're ANY GOOD, after all, they're the first I've created, but I made them and they're mine. :D And I currently have a very limited palette, as I've got less then twenty different fragrance oils (yes, most of them blends, and many of them synthetic; I'm not OMG MUST BE ALL NATURAL about this).

#3 is my favorite, but OF COURSE it's the one with a component I'm mildly allergic to.

I'm not talking about the components just yet because in a couple of weeks, once they've aged a bit, I'm going to ask for someone here who's experienced at sniffing perfumes to give them a whiff and report back to me what they think and for God only kno0w what reason, I don't want them knowing components ahead of time.

The next bit is ... buy more components! And more bottles for it to age in, and more scent strips, etc. etc. etc.
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I dropped a chunk o' change on sample vials of perfume oil from [ profile] vmperfumes, and now have a bunch to try out. :)

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My "bpal" tag is now being pressed into use as a general perfume tag until that far distant day when I get around to redoing my tags.

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