Take 2!

Sep. 23rd, 2015 01:58 pm
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HERE is my real new office!*

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*If you'd already read my previous entry: I went back upstairs to ponder the layout once more, and met my boss there, who told me that he'd switched the offices around since the last time I'd seen plans, because he remembered I didn't like to be the one closest to the door. So the new office has none of the problems of the previous one. Well, ok, there's still an inexplicable amount of linear filing space, but it's no longer in my way.
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I have photos of the new office I'm getting at work! It's brand new, as it's in the newly-constructed part of the building, and there are some issues with the furniture to be dealt with, but hey! New office!

Edit: Good news! I went up to the new office again and met my boss there, and he said that he'd actually switched the offices since the last time I saw the plans so the one I was looking at wasn't mine. The one he told me was now mine has NONE of the problems I mentioned below! Woo!

This means I need to post new pictures, of course, and will get to that shortly.
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Anyway! I now get to think about how I'm going to decorate it! One of the catalogers has a rug in her office and I really like that--it would help warm the place up. A tall plant or something on that small filing cabinet, now that I've moved it to a corner, would help. If I can move that bookcase to the wall next to the door (once I move my desk away from there), I can put a coatrack there.

Mural help!

Aug. 6th, 2010 03:57 pm
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So I just got moved into my new office. Woo! It's got a window, but the window looks out on the stacks and encourages people to stop and watch me, so the blinds on it are staying shut. (The door has a window also, but I have a 24 x 36" "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster on order, which I will use to cover it.)

When looking for (relatively) inexpensive ways to put very large things on the wall that fake being windows, I ran across a wall mural site that sold some mid-size murals and this one struck me. There was a much larger one that struck me as well, but alas I have come to the conclusion that I cannot get it onto the walls without cutting some major holes in it for things like the emergency light/siren thingy hanging in my office. Alas.

At any rate, the mural above is not only just 4'2" tall (and comes in 4 panels), which will fit on my walls and look like a large window, but it is 12 foot wide *and* is composed in such a way that I can use two panels of it for one window and two panels of it for another window on the other side of the office, and it won't be obviously chopped in half. Like so:

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So ... the crux of the matter is: I need to turn these wallpaper-type panels into something that can be hung on the wall. So they need to be stuck to a backing. Foam board, the obvious thing, doesn't come cheaply in sizes of the panels (3' x 4'2"). I can duct-tape foam board together, but need to come up with a way to strengthen it so it doesn't fold in half while transporting AND come up with a way for it to be hung on a wall. (I can hang anything I want on the wall as long as I get the physical plant to come do it, because that way they have to pay for wall damages instead of the library if they screw up. Plus, they're good at it.)

Putting some sort of molding on it so that it looks like a window would be good - any suggestions for that? And how to fix said molding on?

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