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Why is it only now that I've found out that Katherine Neville recently published a sequel to The Eight, The Fire: A Novel? Actually, that might tell me something about how good it is if nobody on the f-list ever mentioned it. XD But I have a copy now! So please, no spoilers if you've read it! Actually, I don't even want to know if you found it wanting or disappointing in any way, because that would give me an excuse to put it down and not pick it up again, and as I'm not very good at making it through longer novels these days, that would be a shame!

I came across a mention of it somewhere online last week, and remembered on Sunday when [ profile] myrialux and I went to sell excess books at Half-Price Books. And sure enough, they had a copy of the hardback, so I got it.

If you're in my area and have manga and graphic novels to sell, I can tell you which Half-Price to take them to! They're desperate for them and pay well.

*holds up a hand dramatically* And before you cry "I would have bought your manga and graphic novels!" or "But here's a worthy cause you could have donated them to!" let me assure you that that was not an option - the postage for mailing out all the books would have been prohibitive and besides, I had less than a week to get rid of them. :) I sold about 10-12 moving boxes of books* - paperbacks, hardbacks, manga, fiction, nonfiction, etc - and received three hundred and forty dollars which was about 200% of what I was expecting. Um, wow. Yeah, they really want those books! (They also complimented me on their condition, which plays a big part in their pricing.) That $340 will help me with paying movers, buying a tall cat tree so that Sora and Nefer can lord it over us, and buying me a multi-drawer work storage thingybopper in which I can store my craft supplies.

* Less than half of my collection. :) I do have a revolving collection - buying books frequently and then getting rid of the ones that I didn't finish or liked but know I'll never read again. This time I also bit the bullet and pared my collection of art how-to books considerably by getting rid of the ones that had lived in the garage for a year without me even once thinking about them.
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Sora COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT. Nefer, OTOH, merely very nervous.
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Am mostly moved in. Will return to old apartment at weekend to collect remaining bits and bobs and to clean. [ profile] myrialux set up the TiVo and the PS2 for me, so that I may entertain myself by watching the shows it's already taped and playing games until I get connected to civilization again. Living room ceiling fan installed (yay!). Cat thoroughly freaked out. Also immensely funny going down stairs, as looks like small, furry frog. Must go by grocery store after work today, as nothing in fridge but for Coke Zero.

Cold still hanging around. Blargh.
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The NEXT time I move, I'm so going to drop the big bucks on one of those outfits that does the packing for you.

And you know what sucks more than moving? Moving with a cold. AAARRGGH *cough* *cough*

The computer is getting taken apart tonight and moved tomorrow, and won't be hooked to the internet until the 16th, so my communications are probably going to be M-F during work hours from now until then, barring tomorrow when I'm going to be off all day moving. Anything you want me to see or want me to comment on, plz to be emailing to because I have no idea if I'll be able to keep up with the f-list or not.


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