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My coworker is organizing the programming for a one-day conference for one of the districts within the TLA (Texas Library Association) - in other words, basically a mini-library-conference for libraries within North Texas. There are a lot of school and public libraries in this distract (well, as there are in all districts...), and he's asked me to do a one-hour presentation on manga.

The conference isn't until October 6th, so I've got a lot of time to plan. The community college it's being held at has smart classrooms - wired up with all sorts of stuff, so it can be as multimedia as I want, although I'll probably just confine myself to Powerpoint-y type things. :D

So: Imagine that I'll have an audience with a variety of experience with manga. There's bound to be some who know a decent amount about it already, and others who have no idea what this is, only that their patrons are starting to ask for it. What should I talk about and touch on? Any ideas will be helpful, brainstorming is good. :D

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