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If you're undecided about where to give your DonorsChoose gift certificate, or happen to feel altruistic and have a couple of extra bucks to sling somewhere, there are two people on my f-list with ideas. :) [ profile] janni found a project to train peer mediators as an anti-bullying measure, and [ profile] celticdragonfly has a challenge up to fund projects for autistic children in some Texas schools.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 11:27 am
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We've managed to complete the challenge and completely fund the three project proposals involving manga on!

Dancing Cybermen for everyone!

If you hadn't donated yet, there are many other projects needing funding on the site, from literacy to science to history, in special education, in adult education, and so on. You can find a project close to your interests - or, since you can search by state, close to your home - and let SixApart's money do some good. :)
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It's not charging quite as fast as the thermometer would make it seem: one or two of the projects got a bit of funding outside of this challenge, and they don't count towards the thermometer. The discrepancy between what was needed to complete the challange target and what was needed to fund the projects bothered me, so I revised to make it accurate. :D

But two of the projects are fully funded, and there's only $300, as of this posting, on the third! We're doing great!

Cool, guys!

Oct. 1st, 2007 03:58 pm
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So far on the Bloggers' Challenge page I set up at DonorsChoose for the manga projects, we've got one project almost completely funded ($33 left - if someone gives another $30 to that, I'll toss in the $3 out of my pocket, for the hell of it), one 80% funded (it only need $88), and one 22% funded (needs $420). Considering I started on Saturday with only one of them funded to the tune of 10%, that's pretty damn good, I have to say.

Thank you all!
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New suggestion for international people who want to donate through DonorsChoose via the LJ/SixApart offer:

"International donors too: they need to choose NY as their state and give the international zip code. see list where *=1" [ profile] doire, here.

My previous challenge post.
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If you weren't around this weekend, you might not know that LJ has partnered with a nonprofit organization called What this is, is a website where public schoolteachers can post proposals for projects and people like you and me can decide if we want to help fund them, and give whatever amount we want.

What does this have to do with LJ? Well, SixApart is giving money and *you* get to decide who to give it to. The catch is, you have until today, Monday, at 5 PM Pacific time to email them and request a DonorsChoose $30 gift certificate. Once you get the code, you go to and decide which project you want that money to fund, and fund it.

I found three projects proposing to buy manga for classroom libraries, to tempt reluctant readers and to get manga in the hands of kids who want more but can't afford it, and set up the Manga Matsuri Challenge. Please consider donating your $30 through this challenge (Force SixApart to fund future fans!). If not, there are many other deserving projects out there. [ profile] puppleball, a real-life friend of mine who is a middle school science teacher, has had three projects funded through this website.

The gift certificate offer is only open until 5 PM Pacific today, but the Blogger's Challenge I set up is open until the end of October.

SixApart's announcement
My announcement from this weekend

ETA: "International donors too: they need to choose NY as their state and give the international zip code. see list where *=1" [ profile] doire, here.
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As I posted in my previous entry, SixApart is issuing $30 gift certificates to use at as long as you email them by 5 PM Pacific on Monday.

On this LJ, I have 226 mutual friends and 192 others who have friended me*. That makes 418 people. If all of you - or even half of you - managed to email SixApart and get the $30 gift certificate, that would be a huge chunk o'change to give.

Bearing that in mind, I've just created the Manga Matsuri Challenge on DonorsChoose ("matsuri" means "festival"). I found three proposals to purchase manga for the classroom, to tempt reluctant readers and to help kids who are desperate to read more manga but can't afford it, and put them all on the challenge. The total amount of money needed is a hair over $1200, but anything you can donate will help. If the half of you I mentioned above only donate $10 - one-third - of your gift certificate to this challenge, we will raise all the money needed.

You can choose what projects you want your SixApart's money to go to (help SixApart fund future fans! XD), and you don't have to donate all or even part of yours through this challenge, but I hope you consider it. And if you have a hankering to donate some of your own money in addition; why, that's even better!

And please publicize this! Far and wide, on LJ or off. Link to this entry or to the challenge's page, but I think I did a better job of pleading the case here. :)

ETA: This challenge will be active through the end of October, even though the gift certificate offer is only open until Monday.

ETA2: You may need to enter your code a few times before it sticks. If you don't go through my challenge page, but instead go through the link SixApart sends you and search for the manga projects, it doesn't count it towards my challenge,as far as I can tell.

ETA3: "International donors too: they need to choose NY as their state and give the international zip code. see list where *=1" [ profile] doire, here.

* And honestly, the only reason I haven't friended you back is that 226 number you see - if I friended you all back, I wouldn't have any time left! And yes, I do feel sad about that because I meet some awesome people here.

(And in case you're in a giving mood but can't afford to give money, [ profile] cicer has linked to several other charity endeavors, most of which require nothing from you but a click or two.)

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