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May. 1st, 2008 08:51 am
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I got one hit yesterday from someone looking for "ichigo renji girls". One wonders* exactly what they meant by that.

* And by "wonders" I mean "suspects".
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Oh yes. And yesterday's search queries that found

2 manga inking process
2 hot nude men
1 print your own manga self publishing
1 gay men kissing
1 hot men
1 manga page bleed
1 gay men tender together

I fear the people looking for hot nude men were disappointed, as I think the search term is from my warning for the inking tutorial, wherein I warn for an almost-nude man. XD
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A search string in my stats today:
funny element stories
For the life of me I can't figure out which element is the funniest.

Unless it's Holmium. Ho. Ho. Ho.
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Know what's even better than seeing Kenpachi-chan show up on someone's Gaia profile?

Knowing that the person who is proudly displaying him doesn't see him, because they've got the Renji cover in their cache, so it's everyone else who sees Kenpachi-chan. XD

I've also got a few hits from somewhere else on Gaia (, but that's a URL which won't show me where it's *really* coming from, since the actual page displayed is taken from a session variable. (That won't mean much to a lot of you: just understand that you can't get there from here. XD) So I have no idea if it's due to someone posting the zanpakuto meme, or someone attempting to hotlink.

And in other random news: had a bizarre dream last night that started with me and [ profile] rachelmanija on vacation somewhere in the Old West, searching for a book on how to play mahjong, and then eating somewhere that didn't have anything to drink. I started explaining to [ profile] rachelmanija that I watched Make Me a Supermodel because the challenges were so silly, although I hated the bit where they take their measurements on camera,* and then it completely changed so that I was a cameraman on Make Me a Supermodel - I had no character, I was just filming the whole thing - where several of the supermodel wannabes who had been skateboarding in the house had ruined the hardwood floor with the skateboards and had to replace the floor themselves.

And then three of them decided to move out. In my role as cameraman I followed them to this huge apartment complex that used to be a U.S. Army base - the barracks were all converted to apartments - and watched these supermodel wannabes turf a bunch of homeless people and squatters from the apartment at, like, five in the morning, and then start cleaning out the apartment. In a rare show of individuality, my cameraman-self felt vaguely guilty about this, but as my job was to film and do nothing else, I didn't say anything. And then the part of my brain that constructs houses and apartments in my sleep (I really must be a frustrated architect, because this happens all the time) took over and once the bathroom was cleaned out, it turned out to be heavily ornate in the Art Nouveau style, with green-tinted tub in an odd shape (it was in a sort of chair shape and you sat in it and washed off with a hand-held shower head) and the other appliances were all ornate and gold-tinted. And there were huge picture windows that overlooked the rest of the Army base.

And then I started wondering what the hell an ornate bathroom was doing in a former Army barracks and woke up to realize I'd overslept the alarm by half an hour so I'm working from home today.

I honestly don't know about my subconscious brain sometimes.

* Which is true.


Oct. 24th, 2007 06:46 pm
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I'm getting hits on the site from people who are obviously sneakily searching for uploaded doujinshi, as the search strings look like:

intitle:index.of doujin
intitle:index.of jpg doujinshi
index of bleach -php -html -htm

I wonder how disappointed they are to find that I've only got front covers and a sample page or two up? I should post a readme file to those directories to explain that some of them might be for sale and how to contact me. XD

And there was one search for japan cemetery owner.

I'm also getting a ton (relatively speaking) of hits from at the moment. I'm guessing it's a bot, rather than people hitting my site from it.

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