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Librarian @ Large

L@L is a group blog populated by librarians* whose purpose is to not just answer questions but to show you how we answered the questions and evaluated the sources and information so that in the future you may be able to do this for yourself.

We'll have a few fun extras periodically, too, starting with a monthly readers' advisory column by [personal profile] octopedingenue. :)

(If you're a librarian or other research-y professional and have an idea for a one-off guest column you think you want to write, email me at telophase14 at gmail [I'll post a spiffier @librarianatlarge email later] and let me know. We'll discuss and see if/where/when it fits. Woo!)

* Plus one future librarian!

ETA: [ profile] chomiji created an LJ feed for us. You can now subscribe to [ profile] librarianslarge from its profile page. Which reminded me to then create one on DW, if you prefer to read your blogs that way. You can find that one here: [syndicated profile] librarianlarge_feed
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My workplace has two vacancies, although they have yet to be reviewed and approved by the head honcho at the university. Provided they are approved, they wil be...

1) Systems Analyst position. This position, in support of Digital Services, will bring more technical skills to our growing institutional repository along with other duties in the systems area.

2) The position of Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Office will become a position focused on Marketing, Fund Raising, and Public Relations. The position will require three years of demonstrated experience with Marketing or Fund Raising or Public Relations.

If you're interested in either of these position, keep checking with the HR staff vacancy website as they will be posted there as soon as they're open.
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Just a random thought stemming from discussions elsewhere, when I mentioned that there's a lot of librarian-type people on my LJ: who of you are librarians? (Or library techs, or MLIS students, etc.)

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