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I promised some pictures from the Italian workbook, didn't I? Well I have very little time to post because I have to go off and do more Italian from the book tonight. :D But here's three. We get to focus on Mark Cardelli today, because of his snazzy sweater-vest. The six-legged dog and the lecherous vampire (I am not kidding. About either) will have to wait for another day.

You're missing a lot of drama if you don't click this cut. The question of the day is: Mark Cardelli. Metrosexual or gay? )
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Those of you who've successfully learned other languages - what sort of study strategies did you use? One of my problems is that I've been able to retain just enough information for just long enough to regurgitate it into tests, and maintain a B or B+ average, so throughout highschool and undergrad, I never actually learned to study. It was less of a problem in grad schoo, because the fields I went into were a bit more focused on analysis than on internalizing data (when you're a librarian, it's all about leanring how to look it up, natch :D), so study skills were not actually required.*

And thus I throw myself on the mercy of the internet again for help in this. I also need some sort of language-neepery related icon, but I'm fresh out of ideas.

And if I manage to get four pages toned quickly, I'll toss up some of the pictures from this Italian book, just to prove to everyone that "Mark" (un altro americano) is gay and to show everyone the six-legged dog.

* My first stint in undergrad, the MA in anthropology, required more learning of that nature than did library school**, and my mother didn't let fall the gem of information that she was a kinesthetic learner, and thus typed all her notes throughout school because the action of typing fixed it in her brain, until the very last two weeks of the very last semester of my MA. I tried that, typing in the answers from our study guide, and by God it worked. Am I bitter that she didn't tell me that, say, back my freshman year of undergrad? GOSH NO WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT.

** Which requires approximately zero. The only test I had that wasn't open-book was a one-question essay test where the exact question had appeared on our qualifying exams the week before. The professor kept our blue books - she was pretty upfront that the primary reason for giving the exam like that was to have the results for her records so she could show people what the students were learning.
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I didn't want to go through the book for class before class, so I went out this weekend and got the Barron's Italian now! book, which is a workbook with blanks to fill in and word searches and crossword puzzles because I'm (a) a kinesthetic learner and need to write something down or type it in to remember it and (b) twelve. Hence me throwing some vocab down here as well. :D

Parole nuove (new words) )

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