Mar. 11th, 2014 08:06 pm
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Which of you is ''? The site is compromised, and if you didn't get the message Dreamhost just sent me, I need to pass it on to you.


Oct. 26th, 2011 08:43 pm
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Hostees of mine on -- my webspace was hit with an exploit that I'm cleaning out now. I think it was just my accounts and not any of you (as I cannot access your accounts) but please do (a) change your passwords and (b) check your webspace using FileZilla or another FTP program for a PHP script that shouldn't be there. (details under cut)

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Oct. 8th, 2008 08:23 am
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Dreamhost is currently giving unlimited disk space and bandwidth* if I volunteer to upgrade to the new billing system, which means moving to a new server. What that means to you is:

-- most likely, a few problems since the new servers use a new version of Linux.
-- if you currently use an FTP address that has the server name "goober" in it, you need to use "" or "" as the FTP address.
--if you notice your site has broken, or you have issues access it and you've changed the FTP address, either contact Support yourself and explain, or let me know and I'll contact them for you.

That's it! Just letting you know in case you see your site broken or you suddenly can't FTP in. There's no schedule for the changeover, so it could be now or a year from now. It'll also happen whether or not I volunteer early, so I might as well volunteer now and get a bit more disk space and bandwidth.

* Subject to their usual stuff, which means that if bandwidth activity on our accounts is dragging down the rest of the server, they slow it down so it's not *really* unlimited, except in the sense that they don't cut us off. But that's been their normal policy for ages, and we've never hit that limit, even when I accidentally slashdotted my own account for a day with the 1930s Marital Quiz.

Their policy here. The forbidden "Reselling (or giving away) access to your account to others" doesn't apply to you guys, as I'm not giving you access to *my* account, I'm giving you your *own* accounts on my webspace. But still no torrenting or other sorts of distribution of TV/movies/anime/etc. :)
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Info for my hostees: Dreamhost is doing maintenance-type stuff tonight starting ... er, I forgot, 8PMish Pacific? At any rate, don't plan on being able to do any site updates tonight. :)
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Those of you who have Wordpress blogs on neeeeeeeeeeeed to go check your database ASAP. Well, first make sure your site is up. :) Then get into your database, into the wp_posts table, and see if there are any empty posts with the title "ro8kfbsmag.txt". If so, you have been hacked. Plz to be deleting those posts, changing your admin login and password, and your MySQL password. (I may need to do that for you - let me know.) Also check the uploads folder within the wp_content directory and see if it's filled with strange stuff. Mine wasn't, but it seems that others have had uploads placed there.

Any questions, ask away.

P.S. Also? You need to upgrade to the latest version of WP if you're not there already. As in: I will upgrade you myself within a week or two if you don't do it, it's that important.
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There's some sort of problem going on at Dreamhost that's affecting everything running off of at the moment. They're aware of it and are working on it; that's all I know. With luck, it'll be resolved soon. :) You can still FTP into your accounts, you just can't see the webserver.

I'm going to my grandparents' house this weekend, so I may not be reachable too easily, but I'll be back by Monday.


Apr. 5th, 2007 09:21 am
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I'm going to be going back and answering everyone who asked for hosting individually (well, and pointing them here) over the next day or two. :) I didn't start last night because I ended up with a migraine that's still sort of nagging at me, so I focused on inking and being antisocial instead.

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Just a reminder to those of you out there who either don't know or don't remember or don't care, but I have an approximate metric fuckton of webspace and can host domains and subdomains. So if you want a webpage, to post art or fic, or to noodle about with, or run an RPG, or whatever, and you want it FREEEEEEE, then let me know. :)

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Or, if you want to buy your own hosting plan and are thinking about DreamHost, please consider using the referral code TELO2, which will give you $50 off a 1-year or 2-year hosting package, plus a free domain name registration. :)
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Oh yeah. I've had a chance to play around a wee bit with, and I know there's at least one person out there who'd like a FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE XD subdomain for whatever, so I figure I'd post about it ...

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telophase: (Naruto - chibi dattebayo!) the world, My New Domain!

And no, you can't tell what the domain name is by hovering your mouse over the link and looking, because I CUNNINGLY DISGUISED IT in order to FORCE YOU TO CLICK. Because I am SNEEKY LIKE THAT.

* If you can't get to it, that's because the DNS hasn't propagated to your area of the Internet yet. It should be there within 24 hours or so.

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