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Posting a link to the post I put up last week wherein, if you or someone you know, are selling your creative work (books, comics, crafts, art, whatever), you can drop a link for anyone who may be looking for such stuff.

Provided you can get through my tortured syntax.
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Hey! You! Yeah, you!

If you make or write or draw or otherwise create stuff and sell it, whether in a small-scale amateur fashion (Etsy) or a large-scale professional fashion (published writer), then this post is for you! Drop a comment here mentioning your stuff and linking to it if there's a link.

If you're shopping for Christmas or another gift-giving holiday this season, or are just looking for stuff to buy, check out the links and support some artists! :)

Also! If you shop through Amazon this year, consider accessing the site through my Amazon affiliate link, which gives me (or, rather, Project Blue Rose, since it goes to that account) a few pennies in kickback for every sale. Or through one of the banners on this page (works only on IE), which kicks back the percentage to an LJ friend of mine to help pay her medical bills and other expenses.

(Heck, if you've got an Amazon link of your own, or for a cause you like, post it here, too.)

(This is crossposted to Livejournal here, if you want to check it out over there.)
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Am at Mom's house now, after doing family Xmas. Family growing by leaps and bounds, there were 23 people there this year. Am now thoroughly antisocial.

Made mistake of mentioning word "boyfriend." Was driving thoroughly crazy by ensuing questioning pandemonium.

Have one day of sitting around doing NOOOOOTHING before heading up to Fort Word. Plz to be lacing Yuletide recs, or links to same, below., as behind on LJ and may end up skipping or missing some. Kthxbai
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My workplace has chosen a Christmas charity which is a local children's advocacy center which works with CPS and local law enforcement agencies to investigate child abuse cases. The form it takes is a list of kids, each with a few gift wishes, and we bring in items for them, which go to the (non-abusive) parent or guardian to wrap and give the kids.

So I'm idly scanning the cards with the kids' info and one jumps out: a 14-year-old girl, who lists that she wants manga. Obviously, I'm not given any information such as what manga she's already read or what she likes, so I'm not going to give her used manga and I'm going to include a gift receipt so that she can exchange it for something she hasn't read if she's got it already.

But as I'm all a-tizzy with Yuletide and whatnot right now, if anyone can throw a few thoughts my way as to manga that are appropriate for a 14-year-old girl, potentially in a conservative religious household*, who may also be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused? (i.e. NO FRICKIN WAY Hot Gimmick is going in there! And I'd be seriously concerned about later volumes of Fruits Basket too - without knowing the girl, I couldn't tell whether they'd be traumatizing, or be good to help her work through her issues.)

I'm looking at getting 3-4 volumes, either vol. 1 of a few different series or 1-4 of one series. I'd go straight gift card, except there's something really nice about getting a physical object. (Er, if anyone wants to throw a buck or two my way for an additional gift card, that'd be just as nice, but I'm not asking for that.)

* Quite common in Texas.
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...but for the few relatives and gift-buying friends who may be lurking around here, as both Christmas and my birthday are coming up in less than a month. :D

My Adagio Teas wishlist.

My Amazon wishlist.

If you just can't decide, gift cards to an online art store like, or to craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels are ALWAYS appreciated. :D Or ANY pack of vintage kimono fabric pieces, in any color, from Ah Kimono. (If you have deep pockets, I lust after the monthly or quarterly fabric clubs. XD) If you have exceptionally deep pockets, a subscription to Corel Painter Magazine would not be amiss, although at the equivalent of $160 for 13 issues - while cheaper than buying them at the newsstand for $15.99 a pop - it's probably a pie-in-the-sky wish. :D


In the realm of non-material things, icons, art, fic, and suchlike are always appreciated, if you feel the urge! XD

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