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Context: someone commenting on how addictive [ profile] whatwasthatbook was, whereupon I commented that the half-remembered books seemed so dreamlike, then said that I'd been intending to come up with some found poetry by assembling lines from various posts, and did so. :)

The main city is built on the edge of the world, or waterfall.
A woman inherits the town library and discovers half her patrons are ghosts.
It's about a boy from a poor family,
the cover had iridescent spots on it,
and the main character walks in the woods and sits in a castle.

This guy with one eye goes to Las Vegas.
It also includes a green snake.
The whole place was taken over by creepy human-like dogs.

The story was about a woman who gets reincarnated.
Then I think there was a problem with the blimp.
It was set in Asia, I forget where.
The book was about a woman who is running away from the law
and I think she is taught a lesson by the gift of a peacock.
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...the LJ haiku meme.

sweet charity wow
this makes me think it could do
with the spectacle
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I've been poking a bit more about the machine-translated site I posted about in my previous entry, and just found this one, which I like a lot. I think it would best be done as a spoken piece.

The cow of the usage of God

It is the cow made into the usage of God
of Kitano Tenmangu.
the Michizane Sugawara public
which is festival God although it is ?
about why the usage of God
of Kitano Tenmangu is a cow -- cow Toshio --
from [ that the day of the rare cow
of the moon of a cow
and it were also born
to the time of the cow ]
It seems that he is the usage of God
by using a cow as a good-luck article.
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In my random websearching I stumbled across this page, about the foliage at a shrine in Japan, that was obviously translated with an online translator. But the individual picture captions turned out quite poetic. (If you're on a slow modem, beware: clicking on a picture loads the entire thing and it tends to be about half a meg).

Anyway, all they require is breaking it up into proper stanzas:

The way of the Nagaoka Tenman-gu azalea

It arrived in Nagaoka Tenman-gu
early morning. Then,
what was seen
was an azalea
like a crimson ghost.

It is surrounded by the azalea

The crimson azalea
was put on this side
and the back,
and a picture of it was taken.
It is touch that the
completely red monster lies.

As green as blue and red

The blue of Sky,
the red of an azalea,
and fresh green green
It was good
when the blue sky
was beautiful
to a slight degree.
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This one is straight Ginsburg, and probably should be performed aloud for the best effect.

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Following in the footsteps of [ profile] tesstrosa, who is posting found poetry from spam in her LJ, here is one I received today. No editing but for the insertion of line breaks where it seemed appropriate and the removal of superfluous spaces:

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