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I've just discovered TinEye, an image search engine. You upload a picture (or install a browser plugin that you can activate by right-clicking an image), and it searches its database for matches.

It's still in beta and has only a small database - a few million pics - but some experimentation with it has managed to uncover some image dump forums where some of my fanart, mostly the older stuff, has been uploaded. It confirms that this is my most popular picture EVAR, with three pages of results. I also proved to my satisfaction that I managed to nail the Naruto chapter title page style when I did this picture back in the day, because it returned four hits - all of them official Naruto title pages! I should run some of the doujinshi scans through it and see how far they've traveled.

It also reminds me that when I upload a pic, I need to have my DA address VERY CLEAR in it.

Anyway, some time from now, when its database is much larger, it should make the jobs of those of us who occasionally put on our Copyright Avenger masks much easier. *wanders off to DA to try it out*
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...has been posted to DeviantArt. For the LJ version, it's over here in the same place it always was. I have added this to it:
Also - please feel free to discuss, but since part of my aim in making this FAQ is to cut down on the amount of non-lawyer speculation about what copyright is and isn't, I'm not going to add anything to it unless I have a citation or opinion from a legal professional. Argue and speculate at will in the comments, though!

Also, please note that this is U.S.-centric. I made a decision not to add anything from other countries because there's so much out there. You are encouraged to create your own FAQs for your countries.
I just wanted to make sure that people knew I wasn't going to add possibilities and speculations and what-ifs to the FAQ itself because there's enough of my own in there. Exceptions would be made if legal professionals weighed in and told me I was full of it, or if someone posts a legal citation of some ilk.

Well, I have to draw some boundaries...
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OK, I've had it up to here with the disinformation and misinformation being thrown around DeviantArt about copyright, and am doing something I've threatened to do for a long time, which is to write up a FAQ about US copyright law. I'm posting it here for beta-ing: if you see something that I've gotten wrong or if you have another question which you think should go on here, let me know.

I'm going to copyright the letter E so that you have to write (copyright 2006 Telophase, used with permission) every time you use it. Rathe(copyright 2006 Telophase, used with permission)r like(copyright 2006 Telophase, used with permission) this. )

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